The hockey player

Texas was out watching hockey with his friends today and that reminded me of the time I dated a hockey player when I was younger….he was a friend of the family I always had a crush on growing up. He ended up playing on a WHL team and on the ice was an aggressive powerhouse of a right wing. Watching him move over the ice gracefully only to collide with the other players with the force of a freight train was amazing to me. Granted, he had a lot of aggression that landed him in the penalty box most of the time but it was still hot.

After a while we started dating and I became that obnoxious girlfriend in the stands. But it was because I knew depending on how the game went, I’d get a good rough fucking afterwards. I needed them to win…my vagina depended on it.

There was one particular night that they won and I was waiting for him to come out so we could go grab dinner and go home so I could score (wink, wink). He called me and told me to come into the locker room because he had something to show me. When I got in there everyone was gone except for him and he was sitting on a bench. He said he always wanted to fuck in the locker room. He was a big dude naturally. 6’5, 250lbs and looked menacing as hell in normal clothes…his pads doubled his build. His cock matched his body. Average length but thick like a summer sausage. I was addicted to his dick.

The fantasy of fucking him in the locker room had passed through my mind before but I never thought to act on it. So I walked over to him and asked him why he wanted to do it tonight and he told me it was because he didn’t have enough on the ice. He unzipped my pants and slid his hand around to my backside and started massaging my ass roughly. Grabbing it and holding on like it was going to run away. I told him we could get caught (which turned me on) and that he should just wait until we got home. He slid a finger into my cunt and pulled me closer so he was kissing my pubic bone….god damn it felt so good. It was sensual and exciting and just enough to make me orgasm after a few minutes. I sat on his lap while he started to finger my ass slowly. One finger then two. At that point I hadn’t really toyed around with anal so the feeling was interesting. But all I could focus on was his cock, hard under the weight of me. He had gym sweats on and I could feel him reacting to me grinding my hips on him and biting his neck.

He told me to get up and bend over the bench so he could fuck me. He started slowly, teasing my pussy by running it back and forth over my lips. He’d stick the tip in then take it out. It felt like torture for me. All I wanted was to be fucked and used. When he finally decided to enter me he did it slowly and meticulously. I couldn’t figure out why he was taking his time when usually he fucked me with reckless abandon.

When I pleaded for him to fuck me like usual he pulled out all together and told me to take of my shirt and lay down on my back on the bench. He sucked and bit my nipples until they felt like they were going to bleed. He reached his hand down over my vagina and gave it a smack. I’d never had that happen to me before so it shocked me and the second I yelped his hand flew to my mouth to muffle my screams. He continued to slap my cunt until he moved his hand to my throat and closed around it.

He positioned himself straddling me and the bench and pulled my body to his until I could feel his dick against my pussy again. I tried desperately to grab it and make him enter me but he wanted to do that on his own and to this day in glad he did. When he thrust into me he was still holding onto my throat and slammed into me hard like he did to the guys on the ice. He just kept ramming me, grabbing at my tits and slapping them as they moved in motion to his stroke. He ran his fingernails over my breasts and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I screamed, SCREAMED his name and was grasping for anything I could hold onto.

After I finally came down off that orgasm he pulled out to titty fuck me. He fucked them just as hard as he did my pussy. He was amused by giving me pearl necklaces and this was no exception. He always giggled as he was titty fucking me. On his upstroke I sucked and licked the tip of him until he held my head down so he could give me my coveted necklace…

We only ever fucked in the locker room once because we stopped seeing each other shortly after that. Then I found out he got arrested for murder a few years later..I think I dodged a bullet with that one.

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