Back at it!

It’s funny how a committed relationship changes you….Texas and I have been together for a VERY long time. And a lot has changed. I stopped sleeping around and discovering myself because I was way more comfortable with him. It became guaranteed orgasms every time we had sex and that was enough for my sex drive.

Then….Things collapsed and I left him, and jumped back into the self-discovery phase of my life and the drive to have a cock in my body has become overwhelming again.

So…I’m coming back to documenting my experiences…partially as a way of reclaiming my identity…and partially as a way to remind myself that I need to get back out there again.

So hold me accountable. If I disappear again, comment and remind me to fill you in….

In the last month and a half since being single again, I’ve fucked four guys, not including twice with Texas. And loosely hooked up with a few others. I’m steadily dating a guy I’ll describe as “safe” and have had some great experiences, and some not so fun. As I write this, I’m getting ready for some fun tonight, and will hopefully have something juicy for you tomorrow.

So settle in, buckle up and cum along on this ride with me πŸ˜‰

The time I was almost fisted

I just have to share that last night, was one of the most interesting nights I’ve had with Texas sexually.

We were feeling really good and were on my bed so he could play with my ass. He started by just massaging me and inserting a couple fingers…I love having my ass played with, and I love it when he fucks my ass…so I’m laying there just enjoying the feeling. After a bit of kissing and grinding he went back to playing with my ass and eventually finger banging me until I got off. That orgasms felt like it lasted for minutes…just sheet fucking ecstasy. Next thing I know I start to feel fuller and fuller until I can’t take it anymore…

I think we stopped for a bit and went out for a smoke and that’s when he told me he had 4 fingers and was knuckles deep in my ass. And I’ve never been interested in being fisted, but I definitely want to go further. I’ve never felt so euphorically full before. I can’t wait to feel that again.

And when we came back up (I think) he needed to cum, but penetrative sex wasn’t going to happen. So I got to watch him get himself off as I licked and sucked his nipples. I absolutely love watching him play with himself. I love watching his face, and watching the pace pick up the closet he is cumming. And being a good little cumslut, I couldn’t let his go to waste. It was erotic licking his cum off of him. It was a new experience for me as he usually cums inside me.

Last night was fun. I want more nights like last night πŸ™‚

Cumslut adventures

Coming off of a death in my family.

Can’t take my mind of the ensuing grief, and instead of letting it continue to consume me, I’m going out this weekend hunting for cum and a good hard fucking to make me feel better.

Wish me luck y’all!

The aspiring star

While I’m sitting here at work bored to death I’ll tell you one of a few stories about how I got to be known as the welcome wagon at my old job…

So I believe I mentioned a while ago that I used to work in radio, and because of our format we had a ton of new artists coming through the door to impress us.

One particular day a cute little cowboy came strutting into our office with his wranglers, Stetson hat, and guitar on his shoulder. He was adorable and had dimples so deep you could swim in them and walked with a gait that screamed “I HAVE A BIG JUICY DICK!”

My bosses made the mistake of inviting me out to dinner with them, this guy and his rep. While the big wigs discussed airplay and the latest industry happenings he and I had a few strong drinks and nice conversation. At the end of the night he wanted to continue drinking so everyone left us and went home. We closed out this little dive (which has become my usual drunken late night go to with musicians) after I had my hands down his pants stroking him under the bar. I’ll never forget what he kept telling me:

“Damn girl, you’re wild. You like a little danger don’t cha? You’re the kind of girl who’s down to go anywhere.”

We got back to his room and fooled around a bit. He suckled my tits like he was a baby, which right now would have been fine because of how sensitive they’ve been lately, but back then I couldn’t feel a damn thing.

He kept telling me I could never tell because the image they’re going for is a single and sweet southern gentleman. Bahaha. When he took his dick out of his pants he hopped on top of me to alternate between titty and face fucking me. To his credit, those jeans didn’t tell a damn lie. My gag reflex isn’t super sensitive but he had me gagging with less than 3/4 of his dick in my mouth. He was mindful to pin my arms down with his knees, so he was in total control. He blew one load down the back of my throat, rolled off of me and told me to give him 10 minutes.

When he was in fighting condition again, he told me to flip over so he could ride me like a bucking bronco. He closed my legs, straddled me, spread my ass and rammed me in the prone position (my favorite) and I made some stupid comment about bucking like a bronco which I immediately regretted when he shoved two fingers into my ass…he definitely had me bucking at that point πŸ˜‰

When he finished on my ass, he asked me to stay the night with him and being drunk and broke I really had no choice. I made it out before he woke up and the next few times we saw each other after that was completely casual, except when he’d sing this one song, he’d look directly in my eyes the whole time and do this little pseudo-air humping motion.

The time I did it in front of his roommate

Once upon a time, I was dating a dude who lived with an unemployed hipster. Because his roommate was chronically unemployed we had very little private time…which of course irritated me because the guy I was dating wouldn’t fuck me unless his roommate was gone or asleep. For all intents and purposes I’ll call him Mr. Shy and his roommate Broke (he was).

So one night Mr. shy and I get back from a night of drinking together and take our places on his couch…he puts on Iron Man but honestly I was more focused on getting him inside me than I was the movie.

Back then I had a series of “moves” when I wanted to get my way…

I’d straddle him on the couch, give him gentle kisses leading from his mouth to his ears, then I’d play with his ear lobe by sucking/licking/biting it, then work my way down his neck to his chest, slid off his lap to my knees and undo his pants with one hand while I was stroking him over his clothes…

Before Tony has the electromagnet grafted into his chest I’m sucking Mr. Shy off. I always enjoyed blowing him…he was always verbal with what he liked and didn’t like.

So anyways, when I’ve got him fully hard I climb back up to ride him and just as I get myself positioned on him Broke walks through the door and sits down across from us. He of course panicked and tried to push me off but I wasn’t going anywhere very far…

Broke was so drunk he pretty much passed out, and after some convincing (we threw a pizza box, remote and pillow at him with no response) Mr. Shy agreed to let us finish where we were.

So I took my position on top of him again and start to ride. Because he was so focused on trying not to wake up Broke, he was looking over my shoulder the whole time and couldn’t cum after about 30 minutes.

I decided it was a lost cause that way and decided to try to get him to cum with oral. Again, he was focused on Broke…who was still passed out in his seat. It took me wrapping my scarf around him to get him to relax…and when he finally did it took me all of 30 seconds to get him to cum down the back of my throat.

One thing neither of us took into account was that he was a screamer…loud too. “ARRRHHHHHHH IM CUMMING!!!!! AHHHHHH FUCK YES!”

That’s what it took to wake Broke up…

That ironically was the last time he and I had sex because we broke up 2 weeks later.

I want…

It’s probably because i can’t have sex, but I could really go for some aggressive sex.

I want to dominate a man and make him pleasure me for hours on end before I let him cum.

Someone let me sit on their face for a few hours!