Back at it!

It’s funny how a committed relationship changes you….Texas and I have been together for a VERY long time. And a lot has changed. I stopped sleeping around and discovering myself because I was way more comfortable with him. It became guaranteed orgasms every time we had sex and that was enough for my sex drive.

Then….Things collapsed and I left him, and jumped back into the self-discovery phase of my life and the drive to have a cock in my body has become overwhelming again.

So…I’m coming back to documenting my experiences…partially as a way of reclaiming my identity…and partially as a way to remind myself that I need to get back out there again.

So hold me accountable. If I disappear again, comment and remind me to fill you in….

In the last month and a half since being single again, I’ve fucked four guys, not including twice with Texas. And loosely hooked up with a few others. I’m steadily dating a guy I’ll describe as “safe” and have had some great experiences, and some not so fun. As I write this, I’m getting ready for some fun tonight, and will hopefully have something juicy for you tomorrow.

So settle in, buckle up and cum along on this ride with me 😉

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