A quickie

So after a few weeks and a couple casual dates (no sex) we decided to spend an afternoon together. He showed me some of his favorite parks around town…places he goes to think and get away for a bit. We only had about 6 hours and spend 5 of them out. By the time we got back to his place (I left my car there), we maybe 45 minutes with each other…and for some reason he kept fucking around with various conversation topics and things. When he finally decided he was ready to fuck we literally had 15 minutes…now remember, he doesn’t like quickies and I do.

He wanted it. I wanted it. He wanted more time. I didn’t have it. After some careful teasing with the offer of spanking and hair pulling, he finally decided he was gonna give me my quickie. We have barely 10 minutes until I have to leave. As we’re getting undressed he keeps telling me that he won’t be able to finish that soon. But remember, this is the same guy who said he almost came when he penetrated me last time.

In a previous post I mentioned how primal he is in bed. This time was nothing less. In those 7 minutes (in heaven lol – yes I was counting), I came 5 times. Someone do the math and tell me how many that is per minute!

It was at that point I introduced the dirty talk to him. Not the standard, “god you feel so good” or “I love it when you fuck me like this” kind if deal…I went with “I want you to fuck me like the dirty whore I am” and “I’m your fuck toy.” That got him there after a few minutes. And we were done. No cuddling, no pillow talk, no clean up. I left his house with him dripping out of me and that was just as much of a turn on as he was.

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