The second time

The second time he and I were able to connect was a good 5 months after our first encounter…don’t get me wrong, he and I kept in constant contact over those months…because of time constraints we couldn’t ever hook up. He’s not into quickies and I was the one with a time-crunch.

I’ll never forget that night…not just because we had incredible sex, but because of what led up to it.  The night before he took me out to dinner and another show. We hadn’t really talked about me staying with him but I absolutely could not that night.  It sparked a huge fight between us.  Massive.  He pretty much kicked me out of his house. I was in tears driving home and he was pissed.  He called me later that night and we agreed that we could finish our date the next night. That next night, he confessed part of the reason he was upset was because he had a whole night planned for us…and admittedly I did ruin it.  So we agreed to just enjoy each others company that night.  And boy did we.

I don’t know if it was because we had actually bulit up such a strong connection with each other over those five months or what but the sex that night was even better than the first time.  Probably because he really focused on foreplay with me. He didn’t go as hard as he did before, but I got him to choke me, which we both realized turned us on immensely. Even still I have dreams of his hand wrapped around my neck. It reminds how strong and masculine he is. It makes me feel like my life is in his hands…it’s incredibly erotic.

I swear we fucked for at least an hour. I came so many times I lost track after 10. Not even exaggerating. He says he almost came when he entered me…well the same goes for me. Remember that god-given perfect dick I mentioned in my last post? That’s how much of a blessed entity it is.

Now I have to admit, we really kept it to missionary…nothing special. But holy fucking tits on a stick it was spectacular. So damn good that as soon as we finished I texted my best friend to tell her. The best part was how intense my orgasms were. They devastated my motor skills. I couldn’t move by the time we were done. I laid in his bed for over 12 hours recovering….I’m used to fucking a dude then leaving before the sheets dry.

I knew after that night that I wasn’t just in love with him as a person, but the way he dicked me down.

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