This is going to be the final blog for Sniffles.

Realizing I’ve been the victim of constant and repeated emotional and physical abuse at the hands of Texas has made me re-evaluate my choices and how I live my life. I need a break from the steamy affairs.

This is my chance to live my life for myself finally, and part of that means Marie Kondo-ing everything that reminds me of him, and sadly that means this blog.

It’s been fun, until it wasn’t anymore. Thank you for reading my pleasures and remember that life is too short for bad sex.

A bit of a late birthday present Pt 1…

Remember that birthday present I wrote about wanting from Texas a few months back?

I got about as close to that as I could…and I regret absolutely nothing!!! I mean sure my pussy is still sore as hell, I can’t move my back or sit in chairs with high backs, and sure my tits are bruised and swollen and I have to wear a scarf in 90 degree weather to cover the hickeys…but I’m a happy girl.

Earlier this week, Texas texted me that his friend (AKA The Biter) wanted to fuck me. Apparently they share women frequently…not a big deal to me…and being that I had never met The Biter before and hey…who doesn’t love new dick?

So we meet up and hung out for a few and I really wasn’t getting any signs from The Biter that he was down to fuck…he coyly lured me into his bedroom with tales of knowing a very well known rapper. Then he randomly leaves me in his room, alone with the lights off. I don’t know what changed but as soon as he came back he hopped in bed with me and things started moving faster than what even I’m used to. The sex was alright, he’s got a good dick…satisfying in that respect but the stroke game…that makes a different. He was pounding me to a weird rhythm and at one point was in such a weird position on top of me that I could feel him pushing against my asshole from inside of me….very weird…and sadly I came nowhere close to having an orgasm.

I’ll give him props though…he hurt me so damn good. I’m calling him The Biter because my god…I look like a battered woman on my back and breasts. Bruises EVERYWHERE. He may or may not be part zombie because he was gnawing on my flesh.

And he was the first guy that I remember having to actually “tap out” with while being choked. Both hands around my neck with full pressure. So fucking hot. Goddamn. And he was all about silencing me. He had a hand clamped over my mouth and kept telling me to “shut the fuck up”…


And so when he finally came I told him in my mouth…granted he had the worst aim and missed most of my mouth…but him getting it all over my neck and face came into play later…And even though he needs to work on his rhythm, I’d definitely let him hit it again. His dick was good enough.

So when we finish I get up, put my clothes on, tell him, “thanks for coming on my face” and walk across the hall to Texas’ room….

And that’s part 2 of this adventure 😉

A brief rundown of my day

Usually, I wake up, get a work out in, get showered & dressed for work, then spend 8 hours gettin shit done only to go home and get more shit done around my place if I don’t have plans.

But today has been completely off. Probably because I woke up hornier than ever and craving to be punished…hard. I didn’t work out, I went into work late because I spent 3 hours playing with myself…thinking about being hit over and over again with a paddle.

When I finally got to work, I spent the first 2 hours looking at porn on Tumblr and WP. Decided to get some work taken care of, only to find myself sitting in my office with the door shut rubbing myself to a GIF of a woman getting railed in the ass by a Humongous BBC.

Then I went out for lunch. And found myself so attracted to my waitress I had to get her number. Her tits looked amazing under her white button up shirt and in that moment all I wanted was to motorboat the shit out of her. We have plans to hangout this weekend 🙂

Went back to work, did some more stuff there, went back to tumblr porn and got myself off in my office…. I should note that the people in the building directly across from me can see clearly into my office…which means they most likely watched me throw my leg up on my desk, pull my tits out of my dress and go to town.

That was about 30 minutes ago. And I’m still aroused. I’d make plans with someone tonight but I have family visiting that I have to spend time with and honestly the kind of fucking I need won’t do from just anyone.

I really just need to be fucked out of my mind, left limp and covered in cum to satiate this arousal. I need to be tied up and spanked and used tonight.

Fernando PT. 2

I love booty calls. Especially when I’m the one making the call.

I called up Fernando this morning around and he came running. Made a 45 minute trip in just under 30 minutes.

I told him if we’re going to continue to fuck he needs to take charge while we’re having sex because I was tired of “teaching” him what to do. He apologized and said it was because he didn’t want to “hurt me” which was funny since last time we hooked up he was way too gentle.

So we got a little tipsy off beer, wine and Machete Kills and he did that thing all guys do…started rubbing my knee and SLOWLY worked his way up my thigh…it was so slow I just grabbed his hand and stuck it up my nightie. He told me he was more interested in watching me cum than watching the movie. I just wish he wasn’t so directionally challenged when it comes to a vagina.

AGAIN I had to hold his hand in place for him to hit my spots…granted when I found it and he started working my clit, it wasn’t long before my first orgasm. And I really love it when a guy tastes his fingers after getting me off. UNF. After giving me a couple orgasms that way, he got down on his knees to use his mouth. And I’ll give him props…it was good. Almost as good as Texas. I don’t understand why he has such a hard time navigating my pussy with his digits, but with his mouth he just attacked it and before I could cum he stopped, pulled me up, took me to the side of my bed and bent me over and gave me a good, hard, luscious spanking.

He kept saying I shouldn’t boss him around because it wasn’t my place and that I need to ask his permission if I want him to do anything to me. It was hot and I was wet. I begged him to fuck me like that for what felt like hours.

He basically told me he’d fuck me if I was a good girl by letting him throat fuck me again, and how could I turn down that deal? Granted, I puked on his dick again and that still just as gross to me…but after he came he mounted me and pinned me down, one hand on my neck and the other pressing my wrist against my bed post.

My god, fucking him this time was a completely different experience. I had zero say in what happened to my body. He wasn’t trying to be something he’s not…but he was just forceful enough to slightly scare me and turn me on even more.

The thing I really enjoy about him was that he didn’t need much downtime between blowing his loads. Dude is like a fucking machine.

I think I’ll keep him around to fill the Texas void for now.

OKC, Sir…

One thing I enjoy about being on OKCupid is the propensity for men to act out their fantasies….most men think they’re this real life Christian Grey, when in reality all they want is to talk the talk…

One guy messaged me from Vancouver, CA and we went from talking about Daniel Day Lewis to him jumping straight into “owning” me…..Now, because this is the internet I happily obliged him…

Truth be told I miss being owned and sometimes I struggle with the want going back to that and having a “normal” (whatever the hell that means) relationship with men.

But it was fun while it lasted with him….

The Contractor – Spanking

The Contractor is really doing the most right now….on top of the black lilies he sent me, he took me to a casual lunch this week AND bought me these beautiful poppies (IDK why)….so last night when he called me and asked if I wanted to come over so he could cook for me – actually he told me, “I’m cooking, be here at 7:30” – I gladly obliged.

I’ve never been one to enjoy lots of gifts, dates or gestures, but he’s trying hard and I figure it’s not bad to show some appreciation every now and again, right?

So I get there, we eat (a simple sautéed chicken with cilantro, lime and rice) and watch TV. We’re both sitting there making casual conversation when he tells me the reason he’s come on so strong is because since he and I hooked up he can’t stop thinking about it…Through the conversation I kind of express my hesitation to date him (I could get fired) but I’ll admit…my ass only recently stopped throbbing from him last weekend and it was delicious (the feeling and the food).

Just like the weekend before, talking leads to kissing which lead straight to me being bent over his lap getting spanked.

Each hit was extremely calculated…alternating one cheek to the other, his hand striking in the same spot each time. The more I squirmed around the softer his spanks were. He told me that if I really wanted it I’d, “have to take my punishment like a woman” …I don’t think he knows what punishment is because this was nothing but pleasure for me. I was turned on and ready to go and was loving the attention from him but he refused to do anymore than that.

He kept me there, on his lap, spanking me while we were watching Lost Girl for hours. He got to a point where he would hit me intermittently with no real rhyme or reason to it…. I did feel him at one point getting hard, at which point I tried my damnedest to wiggle around enough so that I might be able to get my hands down his pants but to no avail. Ugh. I just really wanted him to give me a repeat of last weekend….but no. When he got tired and his hand got sore from spanking me all night, we went to bed where he spooned me and rubbed my tushy and talked me to sleep, which I’ve actually come to love since being involved with Texas…so thanks for showing me the softer side of sleeping with people lol…

And even though all I wanted was to have the feelings fucked out of me by The Contractor, he didn’t. He just spanked me for hours until his hand got tired…I don’t think he gives a damn about what I want in this case 😉

Side note, I woke up about 20 minutes ago feeling sick as a dog. As much as I’d like to stay in bed with a warm body, I need to go home. This is the worst time for me to get sick.

Compliments and kisses

So last night, I promised my friends I’d take it easy…no heavy drinking or partying…which was easy until about midnight when I got home from a friends house. I was invited to my neighbors house party earlier and originally declined but decided to venture over there anyways.

He and I had hooked up in the past a few times and truth he told he was an average lay. But last night because I was feeling kind of down and lame I wanted some attention from the male species….there’s going to come a time in the near future where I may not be as attractive as I am now and mentally I feel the need to capitalize on it while I can.

I started talking to this guy named Little Feather (really), and he was exactly what I needed in that moment. Full of compliments for me, which of course boosted my ego. We’re sitting in the living room with probably 25 other people around but all I could focus on was his lips. They looked like two soft pillows that could bring me great pleasure.

I really wasn’t looking for anything more than a make out session…because deep down I’m a horny school girl who likes to be a cock-tease…

Little Feather is an amazing kisser. Not just in the sense that his face-pillows were luscious as fuck, but his hands were all over me. Spanking me, pulling my hair, cupping my face, grabbing my breasts. He stuck his hands down the back of my pants and was massaging my ass which I actually really enjoy but usually post-fucking.

I haven’t made out like that since high school. I don’t know how long we went at it but when I finally had enough (beard burn) we got a round of applause.

God I really love making out.