So about this weekend part 1

My goal was to get as much cum as I could, and I succeeded in that.

Friday night started off with me hooking up with a friend from high school. I’ve always wanted to find out what he was working with, so when he called me and told me he wanted a crack at my pussy I couldn’t say no. Spur of the moment I went over to his place (his moms house…still the same as when we were in high school). We had a beer and he was stalling for a bit until he came out of the bathroom. He say down and we started to kiss. My ultimate goal was get the cum and get out of dodge, but he wanted to make it complicated. We’re sitting on this couch and I’m on my knees in front of him sucking his cock like a good little cum slut, then he tells me he wants me on top to 69…which is literally my least favorite position. So I gave him a good solid minute before I flipped around and sat on his dick.

Now, the rumor in high school was that he had a massive cock. Thats true. A solid 8.5 inches long and 6 or 7 in girth. Enough that when I was on top of him I was able to bounce like I was on a pogo stick. I told him I wanted him to “use me as a cum rag” so I got on my stomach and let him play with me from that angle for a minute. He explored my ass while he was fucking me but he came before he could put anything in it.

The most surprising thing was that immediately he was like, “I’m not done, I need to cum again.”

Well I had somewhere to be so I asked him how quick he could be and what would be the quickest way to get him off…I really had to go.

He jerked himself off and came on my breasts. I kind of smeared it around since he was a light cummer and basically went on my way home with his cum dripping out of me to start the next part of my night.

My experience with him was a one time thing…since I’m friends with his baby mama.

Fucking Music, man

You know how you hear some songs and they’re just so inherently sexy that you can’t help but imagine what sex would be like to them?  Some of them are slower more sensual songs, and some of them are straight-up, no frills, hard fucking songs?  Because music is a big part of my life, I can usually tell if its a good fucking song, and whether I want to fuck to it…after all, music sets the mood most of the time right?

This is a list of a few of my favorite songs to fuck to (and maybe a few quick stories!) and a few songs I need to be fucked to.

Lenny Kravitz – Dancin Til Dawn
This song will always remind me of the time I spent the night in a desert, crammed into an RV with some random stranger who let me pick the music. I gave him a tiny bit of a strip tease and we fucked until we passed out (thanks alcohol!).  Woke up the next morning sweating, covered in dirt from the day before, with cum in my hair and had to trek back to my campsite…wouldn’t trade it for the world.  He was one of those full body strokers who put his back into it.  Also, ladies this has a really good beat to grind to.

Bill Withers – Who Is He (and what is he to you?)
Who knew a song about a cheating girlfriend could be something two people could have sex to?  I do apparently.  The same man who told me this song was about me, stuck his dick in me repeatedly to this song.  I didn’t realize what turned him on about this song (or the thought of me cheating for that matter) but I get it now.  When Bill Withers says, “you’re too much for one man, but not enough for two” he’d always stroke my face.  ALWAYS.

Nine Inch Nails – Closer
“I wanna fuck you like an animal”…I can’t tell you how many men sing that line during sex, who DON’T fuck me like an animal.  Still a good, sexy song to put you in the mood though.

Ginuwine – Pony
The first time I ever homewrecked was because of this song.  Way back when I was a Freshmen in high school.  Kayla threw a huge party at her parents house and I ended up on her parents bed with her boyfriend. Sex wasn’t anything to write home about, but the act of fucking a “taken” guy turned me on like crazy back then. I had no conscience back then.  But I blame this song for taking me down that road.  I jumped on his saddle alright 😉

Deftones – Bored
I used to fuck a dude who was OBSESSED with this song after I had him listen to it…like everytime we had sex he’d play it on repeat.  I love Chino and spent most of my early sexual career fantasizing about fucking him whenever I had a lousy lay..and this dude was no exception…at least I had good music to listen to until he was done!

 Beyonce – Drunk in Love (ft. Jay-Z)
This song will always remind me of Texas.  Mainly because I asked him to put it on the youtubes one night and we ended up fucking for forever (yum) but for some reason, youtube kept playing it over, and over, and over, and over again…it got comical at one point.  But that was one of the first nights I lost count of my orgasms with him. I definitely wanted to drink his watermelon that night. 😉

 In This Moment – Blood
So Maria Brink is literally my definition of a beautiful woman.  She’s physically gorgeous, sexy as hell and confident as all get out. The song is about a break up and this extreme emotional pain she went through…which is probably why this song makes me want to dominate the shit out of a man.  Put him on all fours in a collar, walk him around and make him lick my boots.  Coincidentally, there was a dominatrix at the show I saw them at last week who actually had someone do that in the women’s bathroom.  It was hot.

In This Moment – Sex Metal Barbie
In This Moment gets two in a row…because this is a new song from them and I spent some quality time with my Rabbit and this song before sitting down to type this list out. They literally just released it like, yesterday.  But when I heard it in concert the other night, my girlfriend and I both agreed that it needed to be on our Fucking Playlists. Because Maria Brink. And to be honest when I heard it all I could envision is Texas watching me get my ass rammed and filled by a stranger.

 Deftones – You’ve Seen the Butcher
I have a small fetish for men covered in fake blood.  Whenever I see that image my clit starts throbbing.  And Chino Moreno does the same thing for me.

Funny story about Chino:  When I worked in Radio, I was getting on the elevator and physically ran into as he got off the elevator.  If I wasn’t so starstruck and immediately horny, I probably would have gotten naked right there and humped his leg…but instead I squeaked out a “so sorry” and he just laughed it off and told me not to apologize.  Then asked me how to get in our office and I silently let him in.  That was my chance.  Should have taken it…too big of a pussy.

She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart
This song came into my life by way of what I call my “Transition” boyfriend.  I was shifting away from hanging around with the gang bangers and drug dealers to people who were less likely to get me killed or thrown in jail.  He was very much your typical “goth” kid, but with the build of a line backer.  He was hot.  We bonded over our mutual dislike of Math and being stuck in detention together a few times in high school…we reconnected our first year in college – thanks Myspace.  While we never fucked to this song, its always turned me on.

Aaliyah – If Your Girl Only Knew
takes me back to high school…and homewrecking.  Still sexy though.

The time I switched things up.

I’m not a sexually dominant person by any means. I’ve always known this, ever since I was a school girl giving blow jobs behind the portables in high school.

But I briefly dated one man who was very sexually passive, and if I didn’t go after what we both wanted it would have been a completely sexless relationship.

The last time we had sex, I just decided to show up at his place and take control of the situation. It was probably midnight when I got there, and he was almost drunk out of his mind. I told him why I was there, grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. As I was undressing him, I told him what we were going to do.

“First im going to blow you up against this wall, so when I look up at you, you can see the smile on my face from how how delicious your cock is in my mouth. While I’m down there, I’m going to stick my finger in your ass and feel how tight you are. You’ll probably like that.”

I wouldn’t let him touch me. I kept stopping and pulling my mouth off him every time he’d reach down and touch me. All in all, between stopping when he touched me, and just genuinely wanting to prolong it as long as I could I think I blew him for almost an hour…at least it felt that long. I never actually fingered his ass, but every time I’d even get close, he’d clench shut so tight he could’ve broken my finger…not worth the risk.

I bent over his bed, spread my legs and told him it was my turn. Not because I wanted my pussy eaten, but because I was in control and dammit he was going to do what I told him to! And he did…he dropped to his knees, planted his face so his nose was nestled between my ass cheeks and started to lick. It felt pathetic, but just to make sure he knew I was in control, I reached back and pulled his head closer into me and wiggled my ass. I remember telling him he’d never get me off with skills like that, and to just fuck me so I could go.

The sex was mediocre at best…like it always was. I don’t know what I expected but my god, whether I was on top or he was he was robotic. And quiet. Not even a grunt…which slightly pissed me off and bored me.

I clearly wasn’t going to cum, so told him to pull out, I got dressed and told him he’d need to finish by himself.

That was the last thing I said to him. And one of the few times in my life I took that much control in the bedroom. It did teach me that no matter what you do, if sexual chemistry isn’t there, it never will be. No matter what you do.

The aspiring star

While I’m sitting here at work bored to death I’ll tell you one of a few stories about how I got to be known as the welcome wagon at my old job…

So I believe I mentioned a while ago that I used to work in radio, and because of our format we had a ton of new artists coming through the door to impress us.

One particular day a cute little cowboy came strutting into our office with his wranglers, Stetson hat, and guitar on his shoulder. He was adorable and had dimples so deep you could swim in them and walked with a gait that screamed “I HAVE A BIG JUICY DICK!”

My bosses made the mistake of inviting me out to dinner with them, this guy and his rep. While the big wigs discussed airplay and the latest industry happenings he and I had a few strong drinks and nice conversation. At the end of the night he wanted to continue drinking so everyone left us and went home. We closed out this little dive (which has become my usual drunken late night go to with musicians) after I had my hands down his pants stroking him under the bar. I’ll never forget what he kept telling me:

“Damn girl, you’re wild. You like a little danger don’t cha? You’re the kind of girl who’s down to go anywhere.”

We got back to his room and fooled around a bit. He suckled my tits like he was a baby, which right now would have been fine because of how sensitive they’ve been lately, but back then I couldn’t feel a damn thing.

He kept telling me I could never tell because the image they’re going for is a single and sweet southern gentleman. Bahaha. When he took his dick out of his pants he hopped on top of me to alternate between titty and face fucking me. To his credit, those jeans didn’t tell a damn lie. My gag reflex isn’t super sensitive but he had me gagging with less than 3/4 of his dick in my mouth. He was mindful to pin my arms down with his knees, so he was in total control. He blew one load down the back of my throat, rolled off of me and told me to give him 10 minutes.

When he was in fighting condition again, he told me to flip over so he could ride me like a bucking bronco. He closed my legs, straddled me, spread my ass and rammed me in the prone position (my favorite) and I made some stupid comment about bucking like a bronco which I immediately regretted when he shoved two fingers into my ass…he definitely had me bucking at that point 😉

When he finished on my ass, he asked me to stay the night with him and being drunk and broke I really had no choice. I made it out before he woke up and the next few times we saw each other after that was completely casual, except when he’d sing this one song, he’d look directly in my eyes the whole time and do this little pseudo-air humping motion.

The time I did it in front of his roommate

Once upon a time, I was dating a dude who lived with an unemployed hipster. Because his roommate was chronically unemployed we had very little private time…which of course irritated me because the guy I was dating wouldn’t fuck me unless his roommate was gone or asleep. For all intents and purposes I’ll call him Mr. Shy and his roommate Broke (he was).

So one night Mr. shy and I get back from a night of drinking together and take our places on his couch…he puts on Iron Man but honestly I was more focused on getting him inside me than I was the movie.

Back then I had a series of “moves” when I wanted to get my way…

I’d straddle him on the couch, give him gentle kisses leading from his mouth to his ears, then I’d play with his ear lobe by sucking/licking/biting it, then work my way down his neck to his chest, slid off his lap to my knees and undo his pants with one hand while I was stroking him over his clothes…

Before Tony has the electromagnet grafted into his chest I’m sucking Mr. Shy off. I always enjoyed blowing him…he was always verbal with what he liked and didn’t like.

So anyways, when I’ve got him fully hard I climb back up to ride him and just as I get myself positioned on him Broke walks through the door and sits down across from us. He of course panicked and tried to push me off but I wasn’t going anywhere very far…

Broke was so drunk he pretty much passed out, and after some convincing (we threw a pizza box, remote and pillow at him with no response) Mr. Shy agreed to let us finish where we were.

So I took my position on top of him again and start to ride. Because he was so focused on trying not to wake up Broke, he was looking over my shoulder the whole time and couldn’t cum after about 30 minutes.

I decided it was a lost cause that way and decided to try to get him to cum with oral. Again, he was focused on Broke…who was still passed out in his seat. It took me wrapping my scarf around him to get him to relax…and when he finally did it took me all of 30 seconds to get him to cum down the back of my throat.

One thing neither of us took into account was that he was a screamer…loud too. “ARRRHHHHHHH IM CUMMING!!!!! AHHHHHH FUCK YES!”

That’s what it took to wake Broke up…

That ironically was the last time he and I had sex because we broke up 2 weeks later.

Let’s call him Ryan.

That’s not his name but I couldn’t remember is real name for the life of me.

Last night was my Hetero life mates birthday so we went out for drinks and karaoke at this dive in the city. She told me in the days leading up about her friend “Ryan” who had seen pictures of me on Facebook and wanted to get to know me…well being that she knows me she told him I wouldn’t get to know him and would just fuck him. (She and I are like one in the same)…

So we’re out drinking and he and I start chatting, the conversation goes like this:

Me: I want to get “cumslut” tattooed on the inside of my bottom lip
Him: that’s cute, I’m sure you’re not though.
Me: the one thing I want before the end of the year is a bukkake with like, 10 dudes.
Him: so you wanna go back to my place?

At first I was like fuck yeah, but then realized he lived an hour fucking away from where my car was, and I’ve got things to do in the morning…so no.

But my HLM then says use my place! You can use my bed! (Did I mention how much I love her??)

By closing time Ryan and I are making out like teenagers in the back of a lyft with 2 other people (a friend who used to work for me and his HLM)… We were THOSE people. My hand was down his pants, he had my tits out and was basically tongue fucking my mouth (we were beyond kissing at this point.)

So we get back to my HLM’s house go upstairs and get down to business…and to give you a time frame, this was at about 2am…I know that because I called Texas to see if he could give is a ride at 1:30.

Anyways, this whole night he’s been talking about how he can’t wait to get in my pussy, and how he wants me to cum all over his face as I’m sucking him off…turn on right?

No. I must have drank way too much because my pussy was more dry than the African savannah. It was a desert down there and I’m not a fool, spit wasn’t going to be enough. So I roll him on his back and take him in my mouth…admittedly, even at half mast with whisky dick, he still had a big dick. Like…big enough that today my jaw hurts.

And I’m not saying I’m a pro or anything at giving head, but I can usually get a guy to cum within 5 minutes. Not this dude…oh no. I had his dick in my mouth for 3 hours. 3. And we tried everything to get him off…69, rimming, throatfucking, etc…and nothing. Then he tells me he’s never gotten off from receiving. (Asshole…should have told me that before I blew my jaw out.)

What he lacked in the ability to cum he more than made up for with the ability to eat pussy. I used to hate it when guys would go down on me…it takes forever and I’m convinced I killed the nerves in my clit. But shit. My god. I’ve never wanted to strap myself onto a mans face like that before. I may or may not have woken up in the middle of the night and sat on his face…maybe 😉 – sidenote, still couldn’t cum from that. I was fighting a losing battle.

So meanwhile, after a pee break I get back in bed and he’s trying so hard to stay hard but the whisky was too much. And I have to say, men if you’re going to fingerbang a woman, trim your nails and know which hole you’re in. At one point, he was in my asshole and said to “god your pussy is tight.” Yeah…because that’s my shit pipe. Sorry to break it to you.

He didn’t actually cum until this morning. When he woke me up by fucking me and sucking on my tits…and when he’s fully hard it’s really fucking good. For a skinny metal head who looks like Brian “Head” Welch from Korn, his dick was huge…definitely not proportionate to his skinny body frame.

And let me say 2 things before I end this:

1) my ability to blow dudes and text at the same time is scary good.

2) you know you’ve got a great group of friends when two of them (females) walk into the bedroom watch you deep throat a dude that one of them has fucked then go get in the shower together. Followed by a third friend who does the same before getting in the shower with them. Then followed by a random dude who came to see where they went, watched you semi-puke on a dudes dick then gets in the shower with the three girls. And the next morning when you tell your HLM you owe her a bottle of lube, they all turn over in the air mattress they slept on, laugh at you and then high-five you.

I have awesome friends.

Viva Las Vegas!

I live for Vegas trips. I’ve been to Vegas more times than I can count and I’ll tell you what. It feel like each time I go I make worse decisions lol.

Like the first time I went (after turning 21) and hooked up with a girlfriend of mine. We’ve been friends since we were practically babies, and I’m pretty sure at that time our parents just assumed we were lesbians. So in Vegas that came out in conversation, one drunken thing lead to another and before you know it, we’re taking turns going down on each other.

The next time I went to Vegas was with my mother, meaning I was going dancing and bar hopping alone. And in Vegas it’s easy to do and probably not the safest. But hey. I was 22, drunk and horny and Vegas is good for frat boys.

…The kind of guys will buy you a drink, stick their hand up your dress and fuck you in the elevator before you get to the room. At least in my experience that’s what they’re good for. I met Matt in one of the hotel bars at the Luxor and he was waiting for his buddies to come down so they could go out. We had a few drinks (where are your friends dude?) and next thing I know we’re in the elevator, he’s got me pressed against a wall with my leg wrapped around him and he’s thrusting into me. When the doors open he yanks me out of the elevator, practically runs me down the hall to his room where we don’t even make it to the bed.

He was really into fucking while standing. He pinned me against the door in his room and fucked me there. Then he moved to the wall of the entry way, turned me around and pounded me from behind for a while. Then moved me to the desk and propped me up there and fucked me hard enough that the table dented and scratched the wall. He was one of those guys who probably could cum for days, because he came each time we switched positions. And he came on my dress each time. I had so much cum on that dress by the time I walked out it gave a whole new meaning to the word “cum rag”….

There was one especially memorable trip to Vegas involving a well known musician, me passing out in 2 separate bathrooms and man who to this day I’m still trying to figure out if he was a homeless man or a hipster.

But I need to get ready for work for now.

Life gets in the way

Of me feeding my vagina the D.

Work has been crazier than usual which drastically cuts down on my hunting time.

Then throw in the fact that I broke things off with The Contractor (adios, dick bag) and Fernando got himself a girlfriend life has been relatively sexless since Fernando and his friend DP’d me.

So I decided to go out and purchase a new vibe and decided on a Rabbit. I’ve only used it twice, and both times it didn’t disappoint. Especially the first time…that was the best time. Why you ask?

Because Texas was at the helm of it and even when he’s not fucking me with his glorious dick I have multiple orgasms. I don’t know if it was because of the attraction to him, the rotating head inside me, or the way he was fucking me with it but I sure as shit couldn’t replicate it on my own…don’t get me wrong, I eventually came, but it took three times as long on my own :\

But anyways, that’s where I’ve been lately. Working and not fucking. 😦

That feeling

This is going to be kind of a departure from my usual blogs…be forewarned

I hung out with Texas last night and we discussed the possibility of me being addicted to sex. I’m no stranger to hyper-sexuality and am definitely horny all the time.

But I realized that I’m pretty close to my happiest when I’m having sex. Actually not just sex…great sex. And not even just sex as in fucking someone. If there’s a mental or emotional connection with someone my orgasms are stronger and more intense and last twice as long.

I noticed that last night while Texas and I were having sex. Number 1 it takes quite a lot of effort for me to cum while on top usually. But last night it came effortlessly while I was on top of Texas.

Number 2, when he was fucking me I couldn’t get my legs to stop spasming. It was kind of embarrassing…I couldn’t hold them up they were shaking so bad.

My favorite part is when I can feel everything building and building and when I’m teetering on that edge and finally do fall over and give into that feeling it’s pure fucking ecstasy. My mind goes blank and I lose control of my motor skills.

So yeah…I’m addicted to the feeling I get from sex. And I’ll happily chase that feeling until I’m satisfied. 🙂

Shit. I’m sitting here on my break replaying everything in my head and I’m soaking wet. I wish I had time to get myself off before my next meeting…