This is going to be the final blog for Sniffles.

Realizing I’ve been the victim of constant and repeated emotional and physical abuse at the hands of Texas has made me re-evaluate my choices and how I live my life. I need a break from the steamy affairs.

This is my chance to live my life for myself finally, and part of that means Marie Kondo-ing everything that reminds me of him, and sadly that means this blog.

It’s been fun, until it wasn’t anymore. Thank you for reading my pleasures and remember that life is too short for bad sex.

His first time through my back door.

I was never a huge fan of anal. Tried it a couple times and never had anything pleasurable happen. Just a lot of pressure and pain…

So when he first mentioned that he wanted to fuck my ass I was all “NO MOTHERFUCKING WAY.” Then I thought about it…and thought about it…and finally decided to explore that area on my own…now I should mention that other than tongues and fingers, nothing has ever really penetrated my rear.

The first time I experimented on my own I had the most explosive orgasm I’d ever had. Then it got to the point that I couldn’t get myself off without having something stuffing my ass.

So I decided to tell him about it and it was a little bit until the time actually came (pun intended). We weren’t even planning on having sex that night…but while we were spooning he kept sticking his dick between my ass cheeks. Feeling him right there, so close was enough to almost bring me to orgasm. After a little prodding, and joking around, I told him “either fuck my ass or get your dick out of my ass.”

He’s no stranger to anal…in fact, he lost his virginity with anal. This was something we talked about in depth with each other. I wanted lube, he didn’t. I wanted it gentle, he wanted it rough.

I got my way…for the most part. He turned me over onto my stomach and pinned me down…arms to the sides of my body, him straddling me. He started with the softest, and most delicate kisses I’ve ever had caress my body. Then out of nowhere, I feel a sharp pain at the top of my right ass cheek…this dude was biting me and pulling away with me in his mouth…at the time I was so distracted my that pain..I didn’t even realize he was trying to enter me at the same time…until he started to say, “tell me if it hurts too much.” “You’re so tight, it might not fit.”

I had to tell him to lube me up as much as possible…and with what happened next I’m glad he did. The second he was balls deep in my ass the gentle and slow moving man was gone and he slammed into me so hard it knocked me forward.

He rode me like a show pony until I wiggled my arms free to spread myself wider for him. He flipped me over in one swift move and started fucking me missionary style. That’s when I couldn’t hold off anymore. 1,2,3, orgasms back to back.

4,5,6, when he choked me

7,8 and 9, when he started to play with my clit. I don’t remember much after that…honestly my mind went somewhere else. I was wrapped up in the feeling of him. The dominant way he grabbed my face and kissed me as he came. The way he kissed me when he finished and just laid there, inside me…panting like he just ran a marathon.

If you’ve never received anal and are hesitant to even go down that road…do it with someone you’re wildly attracted to. It makes it that much better. And explosive. And hot.

I can’t wait until the next time…