This is going to be the final blog for Sniffles.

Realizing I’ve been the victim of constant and repeated emotional and physical abuse at the hands of Texas has made me re-evaluate my choices and how I live my life. I need a break from the steamy affairs.

This is my chance to live my life for myself finally, and part of that means Marie Kondo-ing everything that reminds me of him, and sadly that means this blog.

It’s been fun, until it wasn’t anymore. Thank you for reading my pleasures and remember that life is too short for bad sex.

The perfect birthday present

I don’t usually post this much in one day…but I’m hornier than usual so bear with me…

My birthday is coming up in a month and for several reasons my original birthday plans can’t happen. Originally I was going to go to a nearby city for what I dubbed my “sexy 26th”…strip clubs, porn theaters and swingers clubs all weekend long. I really wanted to be able to express my sexuality and fantasies with the people who meant the most to me…weird concept but I have amazing friends lol.

Since that’s clearly not going to happen as planned I’ve been thinking about substitute plans…and I’ve found something just as good and just as erotic….

We have a couple porn theaters up here so I can entertain that fantasy easily…but I would really love being used as a fuck pig for my birthday…

…Specifically by Texas and a guy(s) of his choosing. I want to be fucked, hard and rough, by a man while he watches. I want to see his face as another man makes me scream and moan. I want him to watch other men giving me the pain and pleasure I want and deserve. I want to see his reaction to other men making me orgasm over and over again. I want Texas to cum on my face while I’m being used to fulfill another mans needs.

That would be the best birthday ever in my mind.