This is going to be the final blog for Sniffles.

Realizing I’ve been the victim of constant and repeated emotional and physical abuse at the hands of Texas has made me re-evaluate my choices and how I live my life. I need a break from the steamy affairs.

This is my chance to live my life for myself finally, and part of that means Marie Kondo-ing everything that reminds me of him, and sadly that means this blog.

It’s been fun, until it wasn’t anymore. Thank you for reading my pleasures and remember that life is too short for bad sex.

Mr. Safety

Since the snow forced us to cancel our date tonight, I’ll tell you about one of the guys I’m dating…

You ever meet someone and they’re just….safe? Right after I officially ended things with Texas, this guy hits me up and we start talking. It was that all day, all night conversation that just flowed so freely and easily. We went on our first date and there was no sex – I really like him and didn’t want to be a rebound.

Our conversation didn’t even hit a sexual nature until about a week after our first date and I was horny. So I sent him this picture

And from there everything sped up. The first time I went to his house, we talked for hours. And then hooked up for hours. What I had intended to be a couple hours turned into an overnight stay late into the next day.

He’s a big dude. 6’4, 300lbs. He’s the kind of guy a girl like me can climb. And I do. He’s big into foreplay. Which after not getting any with Texas, is so refreshing. Mr. Safe pays attention to how my body responds and gives me more when I want it and recalibrates his approach when I don’t respond the way he wants.

The actual sex with him is…okay.

I’ve actually had more fun sitting on his face and playing with 69-style with him than I’ve had actually having sex. I like standing over him and forcing him to taste me. I like making him clean himself off my tits after he’s cum on them.

So he’s safe. He’s someone I can explore things with and enjoy myself with. It’s not my favorite. But it’s safe.

OKC, Sir…

One thing I enjoy about being on OKCupid is the propensity for men to act out their fantasies….most men think they’re this real life Christian Grey, when in reality all they want is to talk the talk…

One guy messaged me from Vancouver, CA and we went from talking about Daniel Day Lewis to him jumping straight into “owning” me…..Now, because this is the internet I happily obliged him…

Truth be told I miss being owned and sometimes I struggle with the want going back to that and having a “normal” (whatever the hell that means) relationship with men.

But it was fun while it lasted with him….

Trigger words.

I realized how to not only make him cum almost instantly, but a way to fuck with him…it’s cruel and because I enjoy everything about him I wouldn’t use this as a way to mess with him…but still, as a natural communicator it’s pretty sweet when your words get an instant reaction.

We had to have another quickie one night and again he was all, “you’re gonna have to stay the night, I can’t finish that quick”…alright. Challenge accepted.

Let me just say that by now I’ve established serious feelings for him. Love. And even though this was a quickie, it was nothing shirt of amazing. I made him start off my spanking me with his leather belt. If there’s one thing I’ve always loved it’s spankings with a belt. The crack of the leather against my skin. The sting across my whole ass. Hearing the way it sort of creaks just before he spanked me…everything. I’ve never been wetter than that. While he was spanking me though, he was concerned about hurting me. About leaving marks. About me not being able to sit down later…but that’s what I wanted.

When we finally got down to business it was all on the up and up…I came multiple times, and then I wanted him to have his turn. I said two little words to him. I never knew two words could hold so much power. Could somehow take control of a mans body and leave him helpless. Those two words?

“Use me.”

That was it. He used me. Again, we got dressed and I left with him between my legs. Later that night I asked him what about those two words made him cum so quick and he couldn’t explain it.