Mystery Man

So long story short I threw my back out Friday and have been in constant pain (bad pain) since then.  It all accumulated today when I had to fucking roll and slide out of my bed (a three foot drop to the ground), army crawl to the stairs, slide down those, and army crawl into my kitchen to find food because I’d been awake for 8 hours and needed to stuff my face.  In between the pain meds, muscle relaxers and down time I’ve spent a lot of time thinking….which is incredibly dangerous for me.  My mind is my greatest weapon when it comes to me being my own worst enemy.

For some reason I keep thinking about this dream over and over in my head that I had last night…

I’m cooking dinner when a man shows up at my door…I don’t know who he is.  Not literally (because according to him we know each other)  but in my mind I can’t make out his features…all I know is he smells like Arber cologne from The Body Shop (the number 1 scent on a man that instantly turns me on).  I greet him with a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug and invite him in.  He’s familiar.  His presence is safe and comforting.

He’s dressed in nice jeans and a dark blue button down shirt and I’m in this drop front black dress and 6inch, red, patent leather wedges.  I tower over him but it doesn’t bother me.

I’m cooking flank steak, Spanish rice and have fresh tortillas warming in the oven.  He picks up a knife and starts helping me dice onions and peppers.  When dinner is ready we sit in front of my window overlooking the bay.  Its a clear night right around dusk and the sunset is creating the warm orange/pinkish glow that accents the lights on the port and city beautifully.  We enjoy our meal and talk about politics, social issues and aliens (don’t ask).

We move over to my couch to continue the conversation, and the topics shift from personal views and opinions to talking about sexual histories.  We spend hours probing each others minds about various fetishes, fantasies and desires over a bottles of wine when I decide to kick things up a notch.  I straddle him as he tries to tell me about the time in college that he had a threesome.  I’m kissing him everywhere…his lips to his ears, down his neck, around his collar bone and back up to his lips as he slides his hand up my thigh and under my dress.  I’m not wearing any panties and he takes advantage of that; running his fingers in between my cheeks and gently grazing my backside.  In my dream I’m anticipating him exploring more and my heart starts to race with excitement. I want nothing more than for him to discover my body.  To find out how to touch me and where to touch me to elicit the responses he wants.

I can feel him hardening under me with every movement of my hips grinding into him.  I start to unbutton his shirt and run my hands over his chest and through his dark brown hair…I love a man with chest hair.  Jesus-fucking-Christ do I love a man with thick chest hair.

He tells me he’s missed the feel of my skin in his hands, that he missed the way I sucked on his ear…the way I moaned when he used to bite my bottom lip and the he way I move my body when he runs his hands over my lower back and ass.  All I can think about is how familiar this is.  How much I’ve wanted this from him…and even though I’m inches away from his face I can’t tell who he is.  The lights are down in my apartment and the only illumination is coming from the lights of the city. 

I work my way down his body as I’m unbuttoning the rest of his shirt until I get to the waist band of his pants.  I look up at him and smile. I want what’s under his pants.  I want to worship his cock and show him how much I love it.  He puts his hands in my hair and tells me, “do what you want baby”.  I take my time unwrapping him.  I’m excited and want to savor every moment and I can’t take my eyes off him.  He’s studying me, watching my hands and my face….I secretly hope he can’t tell how much I want him.  I hope he can’t see the anticipation in my eyes. 

I pull his pants and boxers off and he’s rock solid in all of his glory and I can’t help but smile as I take him in my mouth and swirl my tongue around his head.  I love the sigh he gives me as I make my way down his shaft, working my hands in a circular motion around his base as my head bobs up and down on him.  When he grabs my head he doesn’t force me down on him, he doesn’t try to control me, he just holds onto me like I’m whats keeping him connected to this world.  The longer I have him in my mouth the less I want to stop myself.  I stop to tell him how much I love his cock and how perfect it is and he just smiles at me and tells me to “come here.”  I don’t want to stop but he gives me a little yank on my hair. 

As I stand up he grabs my hips and lowers me onto him, slowly until he’s fully inside of me.  I start rocking back and forth with guidance from his hands on my hips and I can already start to feel the ecstasy building inside of me. He’s controlling the pace and keeping things slow, but his grasp on my body is getting tighter.  He moves his hands up my back and pulls me into him so my breasts smother his face.  He takes my nipple in his mouth and bites down gently, enough to send a shiver up my spine adding to the pleasure I’m already experiencing.

He starts to increase the pace I’m riding him at and I can’t control myself anymore. I’m right there on that edge, teetering back and forth as I’m riding him…everything is being stimulated and he grabs my face and kisses me.  He can tell I’m going to cum soon and tells me to wait for him because he’s close too.  He wants to look me in my eyes as he pushes me over the edge. My body explodes and shakes uncontrollably as he drags my hips across his lap in short, disjointed strokes.  I’m hot and sweaty and collapsed in a heap on him…

We sit there for a while, in silence…blissful silence.  He strokes up and down my back with his hands as I kiss his shoulders and its just perfect and comforting.


Then my horny ass woke up in pain and it was over.  Just like that.  Stupid fucking subconscious.

Who was that guy in my dream?  Why was the sex so incredible? It was so gentle but that orgasm was fucking fantastic…Why was I cooking Mexican food instead of something that’s more my style?  Why wasn’t I able to make out his face?  Why did he feel so safe and comfortable?  Why didn’t we get in bed?

So many questions and ZERO answers god dammit.



OKC, Sir…

One thing I enjoy about being on OKCupid is the propensity for men to act out their fantasies….most men think they’re this real life Christian Grey, when in reality all they want is to talk the talk…

One guy messaged me from Vancouver, CA and we went from talking about Daniel Day Lewis to him jumping straight into “owning” me…..Now, because this is the internet I happily obliged him…

Truth be told I miss being owned and sometimes I struggle with the want going back to that and having a “normal” (whatever the hell that means) relationship with men.

But it was fun while it lasted with him….

If the boats rockin’ don’t come knockin’

There are two things I’m superb at. Ruining romantic advances and corrupting the innocent men who approach me with them.

The Captain was one of those sweet, innocent dudes who just wanted to find Mrs. Right…and I’m not her…for him at least. The Captain is a well rounded man…he’s easy on the eyes, tall, lean and tan. Early 30’s, well educated, military reservist and rich.

Rich enough to own a 50ft yacht (that he lives on) a beautiful truck and some fancy ass motorcycle that he keeps in town along with his boat part time while also paying to moor it about 30 miles NE of me (where he keeps his truck).

In addition to this he’s just a genuinely sweet guy. Good natured and apparently a hopeless romantic…according to him his ex wife cheated on him because, “he’s too nice”…go figure.

So long story short, I end up at The Captains yacht and it is fucking gorgeous. It was like being in a hotel suite on water. Everything was dark wood and black. He offers me some scotch (neat) and I have to say, it wasn’t that bad…at least after the third one. By then I was feeling like “either fuck me or I’m calling a cab.” But he’s just being sweet. Making sure I was comfortable. Making sure I had enough to drink. Making sure I wasn’t getting sea sick…it was cute, but I’d had enough. I just came out and asked if we were gonna hookup or not. And he was shocked. Speechless. And stuttering.

He finally got out a meek, “yeah I’d like to but only if you want to.” And in that moment something came over me. I don’t know if it was the scotch, the wine from earlier or the floating hotel room I was in but I became this really aggressive person….I told him everything I wanted him to do. “Strip, turn around, put your hands on your hips, go get in bed and lay on your back.” I’m glad I took the time to appreciate his body…you could probably cut a diamond on the edges of his muscles.

When I got in bed with him I made him put his hands behind his head and told him touching was off limits and that the only way he could cum was if it was in my mouth or on my tits. When I said that he looked like a kid in a fucking candy store…so stupid and giddy.

I had to really take my time on him. For such a small body frame his dick was pretty big. Big enough that I had to stop about 15 minutes in and give my jaw a break…in that time I told him to stroke himself, but he wasn’t allowed to cum. Watching him watch me as he jerked himself off was a huge turn on. He had this intense look on his face and he refused to break my glance. When I finally felt comfortable enough to put him in my mouth again I took him all in. Down to the bone…I don’t think he’s ever been deep throated because he went nuts. He wrapped his legs around my lower back and squeezed. He didn’t say stop so I milked him with the back of my throat and that sent him over the edge. Next thing I know he’s grunting and thrusting into my mouth as his cum is sliding down my throat. That stupid giddy look returned when he opened his eyes and looked down the bed at me. It’s still sweet but kind of weird.

After he caught his breath, he said he felt bad that I didn’t cum but that it was exciting being with such a domineering woman. He told me he’s only ever gotten head a few times in his life because he always thought it was disrespectful to women. Also that he’s never hooked up without dating a woman for a few weeks…He said it felt strange just using me for my mouth.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him 99% of the time I’m usually the one being told what to do and swallowing enough cum to go swimming in….

I told him to make it up to me. To envision his ex wife and to hate-fuck me. He couldn’t do it and it’s probably a good thing too. With a cock like his he could have broke something. The sex was average, my blowjob was better. I’ll give him props for calling me a “dirty fucking cunt” over and over.

…That was a nice touch.

The back of a diner parking lot

I met this guy at a rock show one night, and in my tipsy state he could have been in one of the bands playing. I was coming off a breakup and just wanted to be kind of slutty.

So this guy and I start chatting in the beer garden and he asks me to go back to his place after the show. I couldn’t because I had to work the next day, so I opted to offer him a meal at a certain chain diner down the road. The concert ends, and we both head over there in our separate cars. We park in the back of the lot and somehow didn’t even make it into the building. We stood there talking for a bit about his car and I realized that eating food was the last thing on my mind. I kissed him. Ferociously. We made out like teenagers for a bit when he suggested hopping into his car.

Thank god it was a sedan. We got into the backseat and he started to take off my clothes. He really wasted no time getting my shirt fully off before he pulled my breasts out of my bra and started to suck on them. Good god he was good at that…he really knew how to alternate between sucking, licking and biting. Mmm. Yes please.

When he took his pants off I swear he had the biggest dick I’d seem to date. Easily 7 inches and almost as thick as a soda can. I was intimidated and excited at the same time. I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me.

I never realized how many positions you could do in the back of a car…we went from doggy style, to me on top, to missionary to this weird position with me on top with my legs propped up and spread wide along the top of the back seat leaning back with my head on the center console.

I love the feeling of a man just abusing my pussy. Just fucking me like I’m there for him to get off and that’s it. I love it when a man gives no fucks about me getting mine…it actually turns me on incredibly. And that’s all he used me for. I didn’t cum, but it didn’t matter. He just wanted to get his dick wet and cum on my tits.

After we finished, I put my shirt on and went in and had a moons over my hammy with my cum covered tits and left.

For some reason my girlfriends won’t let me live this down…

Cumslut scavenger hunt: Results edition!

In my last post I told you I was on a mission to find a man to blow so I could send Texas a picture of my mouth full of cum…it was a success. I win!

SIDENOTE: excuse my typos, I’m still kind if tipsy.

So we ended up at this dive bar in the middle of nowhere, just drinking with the old bikers who frequent this place. There’s like 5 of us and I know three of the people really well, but this guy (I think his name was max?) is there as a guest of my friend. He’s not my type but he was definitely an easy pick….doesn’t hurt that he kept telling me how beautiful he thought I was.

Well Max happens to live near this bar so we all went back to his place for a few. Knowing what my goal was for the night I immediately went into predator mode doing all but actually telling him I wanted him to facefuck me into oblivion. And I’m not very subtle. I intentionally walked away from him while we were talking and went straight into his bedroom, hoping he would follow. Luckily he wasn’t so drunk that he missed my hint.

I’m not a naturally dominant woman in the bedroom, but tonight everything felt different. I immediately shut the door, turned to him and started to take his belt off (I’m getting good one handed). He kept asking, “is this real? You’re gonna put those lips on my dick?” I don’t think reality set in until I shoved him down on the bed and put his dick I’m my mouth, actually.

I wasn’t surprised by his pocket snake…it looked exactly like him…long and skinny with a big head. Exactly like a mushroom, which I vehemently hate.

So anyways, I waste no time trying to warm him up to what’s going to happen because he’s already got a raging hard-on. I just buried him in my mouth. It surprised him and he kind of jumped when I did that. I told him I wanted him to fuck my throat so hard that it would still hurt next weekend…it took him some time to get the hang of grabbing my hair, holding my face and forcing me down on him. But when he did he was relentless…one of the roughest face-fuckings I’ve had in a long time.

I got tired of sitting on my knees so I made him move over to the love seat in his room so I could sit on that while he stood over me. It gave me a chance to be comfortable. and him to have more control and the longer we were in that position the more turned on I got.

So now he’s standing over me, balls deep down my throat when the next thing I know he’s cupping his balls and shoving them into my mouth. Normally, I love a good set of balls. Drag em across my face, lemme suck on em…I love it. But with his dick forcefully ramming my mouth it just didn’t work out right.

What did work out was when he was standing over me, using my hair to make my mouth fuck him like I was a marionette doll. Something about having my hair pulled while I’m getting my mouth ravished gets me wet. The mixture of pain and pleasure I think.

I told him that I wanted him to cum on my tongue. So when he was close to finishing he jerked himself off a couple times while I waited there with my tongue out like a good little girl. I was surprised with his accuracy. As soon as he was done, I shoved him out of the way and ran to the bathroom to take a picture to send to Texas. I don’t think he knew what hit him.

Usually I love to swallow. Because usually I enjoy the taste of cum. But this dudes jizz was thick like a milkshake but tasted like picketed beets. NOT.GOOD.

When I came out of the bathroom he was all, “what’s wrong? Did I hurt you? Did I do something wrong?”

I wasn’t going to tell him why he was lucky enough to have my lips grace his dick but it came out of me anyways. The look on his face reminded me of the look Simba had when Mufasa died. Horror.

Oh well. I gave Texas what he wanted..and after tonight I’m excited to give him more. 🙂

Cumslut scavenger hunt!

I’m out with some friends tonight. He…the one I started this blog because of…I should give him a name…he’ll be known as Texas…because everything is bigger in Texas….

So anyways, I’m out right now. Texas wants a picture of me with a mouthful of cum. It’s my goal tonight to give him that.

It’s a cumslut scavenger hunt!

I’ll report back later.