This is going to be the final blog for Sniffles.

Realizing I’ve been the victim of constant and repeated emotional and physical abuse at the hands of Texas has made me re-evaluate my choices and how I live my life. I need a break from the steamy affairs.

This is my chance to live my life for myself finally, and part of that means Marie Kondo-ing everything that reminds me of him, and sadly that means this blog.

It’s been fun, until it wasn’t anymore. Thank you for reading my pleasures and remember that life is too short for bad sex.

Mr. Safety

Since the snow forced us to cancel our date tonight, I’ll tell you about one of the guys I’m dating…

You ever meet someone and they’re just….safe? Right after I officially ended things with Texas, this guy hits me up and we start talking. It was that all day, all night conversation that just flowed so freely and easily. We went on our first date and there was no sex – I really like him and didn’t want to be a rebound.

Our conversation didn’t even hit a sexual nature until about a week after our first date and I was horny. So I sent him this picture

And from there everything sped up. The first time I went to his house, we talked for hours. And then hooked up for hours. What I had intended to be a couple hours turned into an overnight stay late into the next day.

He’s a big dude. 6’4, 300lbs. He’s the kind of guy a girl like me can climb. And I do. He’s big into foreplay. Which after not getting any with Texas, is so refreshing. Mr. Safe pays attention to how my body responds and gives me more when I want it and recalibrates his approach when I don’t respond the way he wants.

The actual sex with him is…okay.

I’ve actually had more fun sitting on his face and playing with 69-style with him than I’ve had actually having sex. I like standing over him and forcing him to taste me. I like making him clean himself off my tits after he’s cum on them.

So he’s safe. He’s someone I can explore things with and enjoy myself with. It’s not my favorite. But it’s safe.

DP that pain away.

okay…so I got half of my birthday present earlier in the week…fucking Texas’ roommate then fucking him shortly there after that same night.  Having him basically lick the cum off my mouth and neck, blah blah blah.  Then he tells me he’s going to be monogamous with this girl he’s known for two weeks.

Let me tell you why this lead to whats about to come in this blog:

1. He’s known her for 2 weeks and is already trying to relationship her, hasn’t met her yet and is talking about crossing a body of water for her…when he couldn’t be bothered to drive 35 miles down a freeway to see me.  So that brought up a lot of hurt.

2. I realized that I’m still in love with him.  Part of me at least. I thought I’d gotten over him but now I’m left to try and fall out of love the only way I know how and thats by calling up Fernando and getting DP’d by him and a friend.  Yep. I’m still in love but for those 3 hours I was feeling like, “I was in love once?”

Basically I’m the type of woman where when I’m hurt or emotionally vulnerable my vagina takes over for my brain to ease the pain (heh, that rhymed!)…

I need to back up though.  I didn’t just call up Fernando. I actually had a date with someone I met off OKC…and it went terrible.  I’m not going to get into the details but it bombed so bad I had to tell Texas AND my lyft driver as soon as I left.

So I get home and I’m sitting there wondering what to do with my time.  My pussy is still sore from Texas and The Biter and I wasn’t sure if I should even bother trying to fuck anyone.  But then I started thinking about Texas and felt stupid and vulnerable so I decided to call up Fernando.  He happened to be in my area at a buddies house so I invited them over for beers. We’ve fucked a few times since the last time I wrote about him and it’s gotten pretty vanilla.  nothing out of the ordinary so I wasn’t expecting much.  Maybe I’d blow him while his buddy watched and they’d both cum on my face…

Well they both came on my face but it was after they fucked me at the same time and DP’d me.  Which was my first time experiencing Double Penetration in that respect.  I like things in my pussy, I like things in my ass…so when Fernando asked if he could fuck my pussy while his friend was fucking my ass of course I said yes.  I’d be lying if it was unlike any other pain I felt at first…being stretched like that wasn’t anything I was used to and it took them getting into a thrusting rhythm for me to get any pleasure…but being that I can come from vaginal penetration and from anal separately you can imagine what it was like once I finally began to enjoy myself.  What I like about Fernando and his friend was that any time they’d switch holes, they’d change their condom…but one at a time so I was never left without a cock.

By now Fernando knows what I like when I’m being fucked.  Choke me so hard you leave bruises on my neck, pull my hair hard enough to give me whiplash, spank me hard enough that three days later I’m still black and purple.  And granted he couldn’t exactly do much of that with his friend pounding away at me…he could choke me and whisper dirty fucking things to me.

you’re just a dirty fucking whore

you’re my whore

we should cum inside you for being such a whore…fucking my friend while I fuck your ass

Yep.  I’m feeling fucking awful before Fernando came over and being told that made me feel a shred better about the Texas situation.  I really loved that when Fernando was about to cum he pushed his friend off of me, me off of his dick and onto the ground and sat on my chest so he could cover my face with his load.  His friend stood there jerking him self and watching and knealt over me so that he covered my tits in his seed.

The best part was that they cleaned up and left and I took a shower and fell asleep.

Granted…I woke up feeling even more sore that I was from Texas and The Biter, could only make it through 20 minutes of my hour long workout and emotionally I’m still in the same spot…but at least I got to sleep without crying last night!

A bit of a late birthday present pt. 2

This is part two of the late birthday present I got this week.

So after I get dressed and walk out of The Biter’s room, I walk straight across the hall into Texas’ room. He’d been in this really weird mood because he’s been talking to this girl for a couple weeks and is head over heels ready to relationship the hell out of her. So, me being the person I am I talk to him about her and help him with a couple things where she’s concerned. After a while I started to get cold and decided to get into his bed to warm up. I had completely innocent intentions at that time. I could see that he was really into this girl and I don’t want to do anything to potentially ruin that for him,.. Eventually he comes up to me and playfully bit me on the ass and I told him to stop since he had a girlfriend. When he got in bed with me it was like every other time we’ve had sex…he pulled my pants off, nestled his dick between my ass cheeks and stuck a finger up my ass.

Every so often he’d stop and then start that up again. At one point I rolled over and told him if he’s going to fuck my ass he needs to fuck my pussy and make me cum because he always makes me cum and The Biter couldn’t get me to cum.

In my mind I knew I shouldn’t even be in his bed…but when it comes to sex, once I’m aroused it takes a lot to turn it off. At one point he made a comment about throwing me on the bed to suck The Biter’s cum out if my pussy if I had let him cum inside me.  I mean…That alone made me want to back across the hall and have him pump a load inside me just to make him happy.

By now I’d completely forgotten about my experience with The Biter the sex, the rhythm, the terrible aim and the bad kissing…one thing about Texas is that he’s never really been big on kissing…but tonight he couldn’t keep his lips off mine and I couldn’t figure out why.  I mean I wasn’t going to complain because shit. He’s a great kisser…but it definitely caught me off guard.

Jesus fucking Christ. I’d forgotten how much I loved the feeling if him inside of me. The way he fills me up is unlike any other man I’ve been with. I can’t describe it other that sheer fucking ecstasy. He knows exactly how to move his body and how to hit all of my spots. I came within a couple minutes with him entering me.

This sex was different though. I couldn’t put my finger on it then but I realize now what it was.

In the middle of fucking me he started kissing me again…I was loving it, and loved it even more seeing how turned on he got when he asked me if the biter came in my mouth and anywhere else on me….it was the hottest fucking experience knowing that he was turned on by another mans taste on my skin.

It felt like we had sex forever. It got to the point that my legs wouldn’t stop quivering from the orgasms. He made me cum so hard I sucked my thumb like a baby and made me feel like I was going to pass out. I love fucking him because he’s just a naturally dominant person and it carries over in be.

The sex wasn’t rough by any means though…in fact I had to tell him I wanted him to hate fuck me to which he responded “I can’t do that. I could never hate you.” And honestly I didn’t need him to hate fuck me. I’ve always told him vanilla sex with him is better than the most hardcore sex I’ve had. Ugh. goddamn Its so good that I’m still turned on just thinking about it days later.

He used a few new positions on me that only made me cum more. He mentioned that to this date I had never ridden him. He’s right…I’ve never been on too with him. I wanted to. God I wanted to but my body and brain weren’t coordinating at that point. If they were I would have flipped is over and fucked him until I came 20 more times.

But I didn’t…instead he asked me to bite him. He’s never done that. So he lifted my head up to his shoulder and I grabbed a piece if his flesh in my mouth and clamped down. He tasted sweet. I didn’t want to let go he tasted so good. But I realized that I was about to break the skin…plus I had another orgasm and would have drawn blood if I didn’t let go.

Then at one point, he’s got my legs around his head he grabs my toe and starts sucking…now, I hate feet. LOATH them and have ended sex on the spot when dudes try to suck my toes…but he did…and it tickled me into another orgasm. Never did I think I’d get off from that. Nope.

By the time we finished I had about 30 minutes before I needed to leave his place for work. So we cuddled until he fell asleep and I left.

The next day when he texted me that he has decided to be monogamous with the girl I realized why that sex with that night felt different…it was like breakup sex except there was nothing to breakup…And unfortunately it caused me to realize a whole slew of feelings that I had for him that I thought I’d dealt with. Nope.  Still in love with him.  Trying to figure out how to unlove…and that will lead to what happened to me last night. 🙂


PS:  Here’s the damage they did to me.  Again…I regret

I’m back…with a story

So tonight my BFFs and I went out to celebrate my birthday (which is on monday)…and being in my new place has taken ahold of me by the horns.

So we’re out dancing and a guy named Gellycat (I shit you not that’s the name he programmed into my phone)…starts making out with me…whatever, I don’t really remember what he looked like besides short, black with and Afro. He couldn’t close the deal so I moved on, to “Fernando” because he’s from the San Fernando valley. He’s talk, Mexican and fine as fuck. I offer to buy him a drink and in return we end up dancing the night away.

The way he grabbed my hips and moved my body with his was do damn erotic I couldn’t help myself…I was THAT girl in the club…full on skirt up trying to fuck on the dance floor. Apparently my girlfriends thought I was getting a little too “close” to him so they decided to move on to the next club down the street..long story short- I met up with two dudes I went to high school with, told them I wanted them to tag team me then went home with Fernando.

I should have known the sex would be awful based on his kissing ability (he was awful…all over the place and I should have gone with the Gellycat.

I wasted no time once I got him back to my place. And immediately he went straight to flicking my bean. I usually love it when guys do this (admittedly Texas always knew how to hit it just right) but this dude was WAY off the mark…like terrible. Even with coaching he was off the mark. Jesus effing Christ I’m helping you and you’re STILL getting it wrong.

Then he tells me he wants me to suck his dick. So i happily obliged. Well I ended up puking on his dick (from being throat fucked) and I’ll tell you tasting your own puke on a dick is disgusting…and unfortunately he wouldn’t let me stop sucking his dick until he covered my face in his cum.

(SIDE NOTE: I forgot how much I love balls in my mouth)

I practically have to beg him to fuck me hard…it was like he was casually trying to make love to me. Then I told him to fuck my ass…and he lost it. I’m pretty sure my neighbors heard me getting my ass torn open by Fernando. For what he lacked in vaginal sex he made up for with anal. Dude just went to town like the world was ending tomorrow. and holy fuck he made me squirt with a nice little reach around playing with my clit (which he was able to find this time, miraculously) and basically at that point I was done. I fell over my edge and gave into my urges.

I will say that he was almost shock when I called him a cab…like dude if I won’t let my BFFs stay the night tonight then why would YOU get to?

I’ll give him prpps though..he was exec elect at prone boning me And choking me. Mmhmmm. He gets a gold star for that. Glad I chose him in that respect.

The perfect birthday present

I don’t usually post this much in one day…but I’m hornier than usual so bear with me…

My birthday is coming up in a month and for several reasons my original birthday plans can’t happen. Originally I was going to go to a nearby city for what I dubbed my “sexy 26th”…strip clubs, porn theaters and swingers clubs all weekend long. I really wanted to be able to express my sexuality and fantasies with the people who meant the most to me…weird concept but I have amazing friends lol.

Since that’s clearly not going to happen as planned I’ve been thinking about substitute plans…and I’ve found something just as good and just as erotic….

We have a couple porn theaters up here so I can entertain that fantasy easily…but I would really love being used as a fuck pig for my birthday…

…Specifically by Texas and a guy(s) of his choosing. I want to be fucked, hard and rough, by a man while he watches. I want to see his face as another man makes me scream and moan. I want him to watch other men giving me the pain and pleasure I want and deserve. I want to see his reaction to other men making me orgasm over and over again. I want Texas to cum on my face while I’m being used to fulfill another mans needs.

That would be the best birthday ever in my mind.

Let’s talk about fantasies..

I can’t sleep and need to get ready for work in 2 hours…so let’s talk about fantasies.

I’ve realized over the years that I have some pretty standard fantasies and done fantasies that my girlfriends and partners have deemed “out there.”

1) The “forced sex” fantasy: I’m naturally a submissive in the bedroom. But I’ve always wanted to relinquish total control over to my partner. This takes an extreme amount of trust obviously. Ever since I first came into my sexuality in my late teens I’ve always wanted my partner to force himself on. Tie me up or down so I can’t move. Threaten me. Use me and be done with me. I want to feel that extreme dominance and power over me. I want him to act out all if his fantasies on me.

2) The “dirty housewife” fantasy: I’m standing in the kitchen, cooking my partners favorite meal when he comes home from work early. Seeing me standing there in a dress and apron he comes up behind me and slowly lifts the hem of my cocktail dress up just to the seam of my panties. As he slides the elastic to the side he starts whispering what a long day he’s had and how he’s so exhausted and just wants to relax and be taken care of. I ask him what he has in mind and he grabs a fistful of my hair and forces me down to my knees, still with my back facing him. He pulls my hair so I’m looking up at him and he bends over and kisses me gently, telling me that he wants to start off with a slow and wet blow job. I happily turn around and start rubbing his cock through his slacks as he lets out that restricted sigh of anticipation. When I feel him fully hard I unzip his pants and take him out with my mouth and begin to slowly work my mouth around the tip…taking him in inch by inch until he’s fully down my throat.

As I’m moving my head up and down on his dick he grabs my hair and pulls me to a standing position, he turns me around and bends me over right next to the stove, which is hot enough by now that I can feel the heat radiating from it. He spanks me 1,2,3,4 times…hard. Hard enough that the neighbors could probably hear. I feel him pushing his fingers at my asshole and he tells me he’s going to fuck my ass harder than I’ve ever been fucker before for not having dinner ready for him. As he enters me he takes no time, thrusting hard and concentrated. Over and over again until he cums. When he pulls out he grabs me by the hair again and tells me to finish dinner before it burns or else he’ll really give me a punishment.

3) “The Santa” Fantasy: ok. I’ve always had fantasy of being fucked by a man dressed as Santa…think Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa. Every Christmas I joke about wanting Santa to empty his sack of goodies down my throat…or giving me his lump of coal for being naughty…but I really do want that to happen.

4) The “party favor” fantasy: there’s something about being used by my partners friends at a party that turns me on. I’m not even wanting to be involved in said party…I’d rather be kept hidden away in a bedroom, for he and his friends to use accordingly. Group sex, gang bang, bukkake… Anything so long as I’m giving he and his friends pleasure.

5) The “public sex” fantasy: not just sex in a public place…I want to be fucked three ways to Sunday in a porno theater. A dark room, with hands coming from every which way feeling me up until I offer myself to them. Glory holes would be even better.

6) The drummer fantasy: now I’ve been told that because of the way a drum kit is setup this fantasy is near impossible but I’ve always wanted to blow a drummer, while he’s playing. I feel like that would take skill on both our parts..but fuck…how awesome would that be, right?

His first time through my back door.

I was never a huge fan of anal. Tried it a couple times and never had anything pleasurable happen. Just a lot of pressure and pain…

So when he first mentioned that he wanted to fuck my ass I was all “NO MOTHERFUCKING WAY.” Then I thought about it…and thought about it…and finally decided to explore that area on my own…now I should mention that other than tongues and fingers, nothing has ever really penetrated my rear.

The first time I experimented on my own I had the most explosive orgasm I’d ever had. Then it got to the point that I couldn’t get myself off without having something stuffing my ass.

So I decided to tell him about it and it was a little bit until the time actually came (pun intended). We weren’t even planning on having sex that night…but while we were spooning he kept sticking his dick between my ass cheeks. Feeling him right there, so close was enough to almost bring me to orgasm. After a little prodding, and joking around, I told him “either fuck my ass or get your dick out of my ass.”

He’s no stranger to anal…in fact, he lost his virginity with anal. This was something we talked about in depth with each other. I wanted lube, he didn’t. I wanted it gentle, he wanted it rough.

I got my way…for the most part. He turned me over onto my stomach and pinned me down…arms to the sides of my body, him straddling me. He started with the softest, and most delicate kisses I’ve ever had caress my body. Then out of nowhere, I feel a sharp pain at the top of my right ass cheek…this dude was biting me and pulling away with me in his mouth…at the time I was so distracted my that pain..I didn’t even realize he was trying to enter me at the same time…until he started to say, “tell me if it hurts too much.” “You’re so tight, it might not fit.”

I had to tell him to lube me up as much as possible…and with what happened next I’m glad he did. The second he was balls deep in my ass the gentle and slow moving man was gone and he slammed into me so hard it knocked me forward.

He rode me like a show pony until I wiggled my arms free to spread myself wider for him. He flipped me over in one swift move and started fucking me missionary style. That’s when I couldn’t hold off anymore. 1,2,3, orgasms back to back.

4,5,6, when he choked me

7,8 and 9, when he started to play with my clit. I don’t remember much after that…honestly my mind went somewhere else. I was wrapped up in the feeling of him. The dominant way he grabbed my face and kissed me as he came. The way he kissed me when he finished and just laid there, inside me…panting like he just ran a marathon.

If you’ve never received anal and are hesitant to even go down that road…do it with someone you’re wildly attracted to. It makes it that much better. And explosive. And hot.

I can’t wait until the next time…