The peak of my adult sluttiness

So I had this ex, whom I met on a flight back from Puerto Rico one summer.he was in the army and was flying to LA to visit family. We immediately hit it off, exchanged numbers and began a long distance relationship…him in Puerto Rico, me in the states.

We were supposed to meet up when he was on assignment in my town, but I almost died and spent the whole two weeks he was here in the hospital…so that didn’t happen. Eventually we broke up and I thought I’d never see him again. Until a year later when I ran into him on post. Yup. He was PCS’d here. Awesome.

So I decided to give him another chance and we were finally able to hook up. He was nothing spectacular. He was too slow with his stroke and couldn’t take direction. It was actually kind of sad because the phone sex was reeeeeeaaaalllly good.

So anyways, he’s up here living with a roommate and one day I’m at his place waiting for him to get home, and his roommate is there with me. For whatever reason my guy was super delayed and his rookie and I decided to crack open a few beers and get to know each other. Well, before long his roommate and I were fucking in the stairwell. His roommate was your typical alpha male. Dominant. Controlling. Physically imposing. And fuck did that turn me on. So yeah, I fucked his roommate. That’s not the slutty part…

The slutty part happened 2 hours later when my guy got home and we fucked. Going from his roommate to him was like going from a 60mph inverted roller coaster to a ducking Merry go round and being stuck on the one horse that doesn’t go up and down. Ugh. So sad. So so sad.

Anyways, I eventually told him about his roommate and I..and to be expected he blew.up.

That wasn’t enough to stop me from going over there to get banged out by his roommate while he was home. Nope. That didn’t end until one night the roommate went crazy and locked me in a closet for a few hours and threatened to kill me…but that’s another story for another time.

ALSO: I happened to run into my ex AGAIN, at a club this weekend. We went back to his place and I think the bad sec with him gave my vagina PTSD because I was drier than the Sahara desert. He tried to finger bang me and it was more awkward than the time is was 15 and let my high school boyfriend finger me on the back of a bus. Yeah. Terrible.