A double whammy

I can’t sleep apparently…so here you go:

So I met up with a friend who I had blown years ago. We’ve got a lot of mutual friends but keep going back and forth regarding us being friends. Right now we’re not friends lol

Anyways, he’s in town for the holidays and is flying back to wherever tomorrow. He’s a combat medic, so he’ll be called The Medic. He came over the night before last and we decided to exchange numbers…for the umpteenth time in 5 years. Well as yesterday progressed we agreed to meet up for beers. Then I find out he hasn’t gotten any action in months. You know me, I’m a patriot. So I offer to end his dry spell. The original plan was to just bang it out in his car. But we ended up back in my apartment, which was fine because walking from a car all the way into my purpose would have defeated my plans later in the night.

I’ve had The Medics dick in my mouth before. And for a skinny Asian dude he’s got a cock on him. He wasted no time shoving my head down on his whole dick and holding me there. With no warning, I immediately gagged and dug my nails into his thighs and forced way back up his shaft. He really just wanted me to take him in all at once…I guess he heard the stories in our group of friends? So I let him. I let him thrust into my mouth until he pulled out and came all over the left side of my face. He smeared it all around and I can still smell his cum. He’s got a fair sized load, and I scraped what I could off my face and tasted him as he watched. I snapped a few pics of his “artwork” for Texas while he recharged his batteries and when he was ready for round two he pounded me like a boxer to a punching bag.

The stroke game was UH-MAZING. He fucked hard and rough and without asking covered my mouth, leaned in and said, “I told you I’d fuck the shit out of you. You’re such a little slut. Did you like the way my dick tastes?” I love it when men dirty talk like that…and I’m already quick to orgasm and that just set off a chain of orgasms that were so different than I’d ever felt. They were long lasting and powerful, but not enough to make my legs shake…I felt these in my bones each time and each time when they’d peak, I’d almost black out. I know I was loud and I know my neighbors could hear but goddamnit if I couldn’t control myself.

When he finished, he came in me and on my pussy, knowing that I’d be sending pictures to Texas. Who, upon seeing me covered and dripping in his cum, made his way down for seconds.

Within 5 minutes of The Medic finishing he left, I wished him well and sent him packing.

About 30 minutes later Texas comes walking into my place, strips his clothes and begins fucking me. I know he likes me covered in cum. I can see it in his eyes, and he fucks me differently when I’ve been with another man. Within 20 minutes, he came inside me and was leaving. Now mind you, my pussy was already full of cum from the medic when Texas got there. Walking him out afterwards was simultaneously awkward and erotic.

I feel like a dirty girl. My body is spent and my bed sheets are splattered in cum.

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