The painter

I met the painter off Tinder…and for the first guy I actually bothered to talk to, he seems pretty badass.

He came over tonight with the intention of using me like a cum-dump for Texas, and even though that didn’t pan out as expected, I think we still had some fun šŸ˜‰

I’m excited to see what develops with The Painter. He’s got a MASSIVE dick. Dick so big I choked half way down on it while I was blowing him.

I like that he’s rough without being too rough…he pays attention to my body signals and inflicts just enough pain to turn me on even more. And the spankings…holy mother of god I haven’t been spanked like that since the contractor (they also share the same biological name…must be a coincidence?)

He’s got a nice hearty beard. The kind a girl can really sink her teeth into…and the kind that adds just enough stimulation during oral to get a girl off…and he’s pretty sweet with his tongue šŸ˜‰

The whole experience was pleasant for my first tinder hookup…

Maybe I will meet him out for a beer next time…

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