So about this weekend part 4

After the anonymous blow job, I re-joined my girlfriends and through conversation and more alcohol we find out that one of us is a lesbian and three of us are very curious about our own pussy eating skills.

The lesbian one kind of gave is pointers and then the conversation shifted to the worst head we’ve received. Mine was the time a dude tried to bite my clit off. Ouch.

So the bar closes and we walk back to my friends place. We’re sitting on her couch and this girl I’ll call Valkyrie pulls out the bullet she won at the passion party and starts testing it out.It was remote controlled so we took turns getting her off. So hot.

About the time that she put the bullet away, and the room started spinning my BFFs roommate comes home and is telling us about a friend of his who saw a picture of my tits and wants to have some fun. I drunkenly said, “he has to cum in my ass or no dice.” Apparently his friend is down…so that could be a nice situation.

The girls and I decide to go to bed and out of no where Valkyrie asks, “who wants me to go down on them? I need to practice my head skills!” My BFF was on her period, and I just really wanted my pussy ate. So over the bed she flys to bury her face between my legs.

It was amazing. For a girl who doesn’t regularly eat pussy, she knew exactly what she was doing. I don’t usually cum from getting eaten out but I came twice. She was a natural. So good.

So good that I got home today and got myself off from the memory of her going down on me. Jesus.

So that was my weekend. All of it.

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