So about this weekend part 3

Saturday rolls around and I finally roll out of bed around 2, leaving me just enough time to get showered, stop in and visit my parents for a few before I headed into the city for a girls night.

We went to one of those passion parties (dildos and lube FTW!) where being a slut comes in handy for winning prizes. After the party, and $75 in butt plugs, lube and perfume we go out for karaoke.

I was about 6 rum and cokes into the night and met this guy on a smoke break outside of the bar. He was nice enough, and sang Georgia on my mind for karaoke. I told him I liked his personality and basically just offered him a NSA blowjob. Sometimes I prefer to just be upfront about my intentions because it gets you into the back of a corolla sucking a dude off.

Since I didn’t know him I wasn’t going to let him cum in my mouth, but when he was close I let him titty fuck me til he came. When he finished we both walked back into the bar.

Still don’t know his name. I just remember the massive amount of pubes I had to wade through to get to his dick and then me nose being ticked when I deep throated him.

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