So about this weekend part 2

When I got back from my friends places I had to awkwardly run inside clenching my legs shut and trying to hold his cum inside me.

Texas decided that after I was done getting fucked he wanted to come over and “have seconds” as he put it. So he gets there, takes a look at my cum covered pussy and turns me onto my back to put my butt plug in. I hate having other people put it in, put when he didn’t it was quite as embarrassing…probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve bleed on his dick before…who knows.

Anyways, as of lately, he’s had this fascination with stuffing my vagina with multiple toys. Before I knew it I was being fucked with a rabbit and dildo in my pussy and my butt plug. I love the feeling of being that full. And I love watching Texas’ face as he’s fucking me while I’m that full.

I had a few really good orgasms and we decided to stop for the night and hang out..which was fine because at that point I was sore as fuck and just wanted to take it easy.

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