The time I switched things up.

I’m not a sexually dominant person by any means. I’ve always known this, ever since I was a school girl giving blow jobs behind the portables in high school.

But I briefly dated one man who was very sexually passive, and if I didn’t go after what we both wanted it would have been a completely sexless relationship.

The last time we had sex, I just decided to show up at his place and take control of the situation. It was probably midnight when I got there, and he was almost drunk out of his mind. I told him why I was there, grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. As I was undressing him, I told him what we were going to do.

“First im going to blow you up against this wall, so when I look up at you, you can see the smile on my face from how how delicious your cock is in my mouth. While I’m down there, I’m going to stick my finger in your ass and feel how tight you are. You’ll probably like that.”

I wouldn’t let him touch me. I kept stopping and pulling my mouth off him every time he’d reach down and touch me. All in all, between stopping when he touched me, and just genuinely wanting to prolong it as long as I could I think I blew him for almost an hour…at least it felt that long. I never actually fingered his ass, but every time I’d even get close, he’d clench shut so tight he could’ve broken my finger…not worth the risk.

I bent over his bed, spread my legs and told him it was my turn. Not because I wanted my pussy eaten, but because I was in control and dammit he was going to do what I told him to! And he did…he dropped to his knees, planted his face so his nose was nestled between my ass cheeks and started to lick. It felt pathetic, but just to make sure he knew I was in control, I reached back and pulled his head closer into me and wiggled my ass. I remember telling him he’d never get me off with skills like that, and to just fuck me so I could go.

The sex was mediocre at best…like it always was. I don’t know what I expected but my god, whether I was on top or he was he was robotic. And quiet. Not even a grunt…which slightly pissed me off and bored me.

I clearly wasn’t going to cum, so told him to pull out, I got dressed and told him he’d need to finish by himself.

That was the last thing I said to him. And one of the few times in my life I took that much control in the bedroom. It did teach me that no matter what you do, if sexual chemistry isn’t there, it never will be. No matter what you do.

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    • That would be lovely except I barely have time to watch the 24 hours of anal sex DVDs I was given over the weekend 😦

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