That feeling

This is going to be kind of a departure from my usual blogs…be forewarned

I hung out with Texas last night and we discussed the possibility of me being addicted to sex. I’m no stranger to hyper-sexuality and am definitely horny all the time.

But I realized that I’m pretty close to my happiest when I’m having sex. Actually not just sex…great sex. And not even just sex as in fucking someone. If there’s a mental or emotional connection with someone my orgasms are stronger and more intense and last twice as long.

I noticed that last night while Texas and I were having sex. Number 1 it takes quite a lot of effort for me to cum while on top usually. But last night it came effortlessly while I was on top of Texas.

Number 2, when he was fucking me I couldn’t get my legs to stop spasming. It was kind of embarrassing…I couldn’t hold them up they were shaking so bad.

My favorite part is when I can feel everything building and building and when I’m teetering on that edge and finally do fall over and give into that feeling it’s pure fucking ecstasy. My mind goes blank and I lose control of my motor skills.

So yeah…I’m addicted to the feeling I get from sex. And I’ll happily chase that feeling until I’m satisfied. 🙂

Shit. I’m sitting here on my break replaying everything in my head and I’m soaking wet. I wish I had time to get myself off before my next meeting…

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