A brief rundown of my day

Usually, I wake up, get a work out in, get showered & dressed for work, then spend 8 hours gettin shit done only to go home and get more shit done around my place if I don’t have plans.

But today has been completely off. Probably because I woke up hornier than ever and craving to be punished…hard. I didn’t work out, I went into work late because I spent 3 hours playing with myself…thinking about being hit over and over again with a paddle.

When I finally got to work, I spent the first 2 hours looking at porn on Tumblr and WP. Decided to get some work taken care of, only to find myself sitting in my office with the door shut rubbing myself to a GIF of a woman getting railed in the ass by a Humongous BBC.

Then I went out for lunch. And found myself so attracted to my waitress I had to get her number. Her tits looked amazing under her white button up shirt and in that moment all I wanted was to motorboat the shit out of her. We have plans to hangout this weekend 🙂

Went back to work, did some more stuff there, went back to tumblr porn and got myself off in my office…. I should note that the people in the building directly across from me can see clearly into my office…which means they most likely watched me throw my leg up on my desk, pull my tits out of my dress and go to town.

That was about 30 minutes ago. And I’m still aroused. I’d make plans with someone tonight but I have family visiting that I have to spend time with and honestly the kind of fucking I need won’t do from just anyone.

I really just need to be fucked out of my mind, left limp and covered in cum to satiate this arousal. I need to be tied up and spanked and used tonight.

3 responses to “A brief rundown of my day

  1. In a fucking heartbeat. I definitely would bring a ball gag to keep your ass quiet as I beat the living shit out of you. Make the the dirty lil cumslut that you are

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