Fernando PT. 2

I love booty calls. Especially when I’m the one making the call.

I called up Fernando this morning around and he came running. Made a 45 minute trip in just under 30 minutes.

I told him if we’re going to continue to fuck he needs to take charge while we’re having sex because I was tired of “teaching” him what to do. He apologized and said it was because he didn’t want to “hurt me” which was funny since last time we hooked up he was way too gentle.

So we got a little tipsy off beer, wine and Machete Kills and he did that thing all guys do…started rubbing my knee and SLOWLY worked his way up my thigh…it was so slow I just grabbed his hand and stuck it up my nightie. He told me he was more interested in watching me cum than watching the movie. I just wish he wasn’t so directionally challenged when it comes to a vagina.

AGAIN I had to hold his hand in place for him to hit my spots…granted when I found it and he started working my clit, it wasn’t long before my first orgasm. And I really love it when a guy tastes his fingers after getting me off. UNF. After giving me a couple orgasms that way, he got down on his knees to use his mouth. And I’ll give him props…it was good. Almost as good as Texas. I don’t understand why he has such a hard time navigating my pussy with his digits, but with his mouth he just attacked it and before I could cum he stopped, pulled me up, took me to the side of my bed and bent me over and gave me a good, hard, luscious spanking.

He kept saying I shouldn’t boss him around because it wasn’t my place and that I need to ask his permission if I want him to do anything to me. It was hot and I was wet. I begged him to fuck me like that for what felt like hours.

He basically told me he’d fuck me if I was a good girl by letting him throat fuck me again, and how could I turn down that deal? Granted, I puked on his dick again and that still just as gross to me…but after he came he mounted me and pinned me down, one hand on my neck and the other pressing my wrist against my bed post.

My god, fucking him this time was a completely different experience. I had zero say in what happened to my body. He wasn’t trying to be something he’s not…but he was just forceful enough to slightly scare me and turn me on even more.

The thing I really enjoy about him was that he didn’t need much downtime between blowing his loads. Dude is like a fucking machine.

I think I’ll keep him around to fill the Texas void for now.

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