I’m back…with a story

So tonight my BFFs and I went out to celebrate my birthday (which is on monday)…and being in my new place has taken ahold of me by the horns.

So we’re out dancing and a guy named Gellycat (I shit you not that’s the name he programmed into my phone)…starts making out with me…whatever, I don’t really remember what he looked like besides short, black with and Afro. He couldn’t close the deal so I moved on, to “Fernando” because he’s from the San Fernando valley. He’s talk, Mexican and fine as fuck. I offer to buy him a drink and in return we end up dancing the night away.

The way he grabbed my hips and moved my body with his was do damn erotic I couldn’t help myself…I was THAT girl in the club…full on skirt up trying to fuck on the dance floor. Apparently my girlfriends thought I was getting a little too “close” to him so they decided to move on to the next club down the street..long story short- I met up with two dudes I went to high school with, told them I wanted them to tag team me then went home with Fernando.

I should have known the sex would be awful based on his kissing ability (he was awful…all over the place and I should have gone with the Gellycat.

I wasted no time once I got him back to my place. And immediately he went straight to flicking my bean. I usually love it when guys do this (admittedly Texas always knew how to hit it just right) but this dude was WAY off the mark…like terrible. Even with coaching he was off the mark. Jesus effing Christ I’m helping you and you’re STILL getting it wrong.

Then he tells me he wants me to suck his dick. So i happily obliged. Well I ended up puking on his dick (from being throat fucked) and I’ll tell you tasting your own puke on a dick is disgusting…and unfortunately he wouldn’t let me stop sucking his dick until he covered my face in his cum.

(SIDE NOTE: I forgot how much I love balls in my mouth)

I practically have to beg him to fuck me hard…it was like he was casually trying to make love to me. Then I told him to fuck my ass…and he lost it. I’m pretty sure my neighbors heard me getting my ass torn open by Fernando. For what he lacked in vaginal sex he made up for with anal. Dude just went to town like the world was ending tomorrow. and holy fuck he made me squirt with a nice little reach around playing with my clit (which he was able to find this time, miraculously) and basically at that point I was done. I fell over my edge and gave into my urges.

I will say that he was almost shock when I called him a cab…like dude if I won’t let my BFFs stay the night tonight then why would YOU get to?

I’ll give him prpps though..he was exec elect at prone boning me And choking me. Mmhmmm. He gets a gold star for that. Glad I chose him in that respect.

3 responses to “I’m back…with a story

  1. I don’t understand why I enjoy reading about your adventures… I shouldn’t, but I do anyways….. The raunchyness, control, sexual sadism-masochism…wish we could meet.

    • Glad you enjoy! 😉 and thanks for the belated birthday wish…Maybe I’ll just make it a Christmas present to myself instead of waiting 364 days!

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