“Countess Dickula”

A few halloweens ago (not when I fucked a ninja, the year before) I was a party drinking way too much when I decided to proposition the brother of my BFF…

He was game but the only room available was the bathroom…so naturally we headed straight there. That Halloween I was a vampire and had those stick on fangs and I don’t remember what he was dressed as…it was red and furry…so maybe Elmo? It doesn’t matter..

Anyways, he sat down on the toilet (clothed) and unzipped his onesie to pull his dick out…before he’d let me do anything he slapped me around with his dick for a bit…not exactly my fav but whatever…I just wanted him to let me wrap my lips around him.

It was your standard blow job, nothing special…he gave me what I wanted and came in my mouth…I remember his jizz tasted he specially salty, like a salt lick…I need the sodium anyways probably…

So we clean up and walk out of the bathroom and the second we rejoin the party he screams, “I JUST GOT A BLOW JOB FROM DICKULA!”

And that’s how for almost a year my friends decided to nick name me countess dickula.


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