Sometimes you just need to get eaten out.

I had to take a break for a few days. Some medical issues came up so I’ve been tending to that…but it lead me to go out last night and drink my troubles least temporarily.

My girlfriend took me out for sympathy margaritas and after about 8 of them I was shit balls wasted. She dropped me off at home around 2…but I wasn’t ready to stay home.

In my neighborhood, there’s a guy I used to hook up with in exchange for knowledge about all things microsoft..I once nicknamed him NerdBoy, so we’ll call him that. I understand why he was so eager to accept that offer because I got the impression he was a Virgin from the first time we hooked up…he asked me if he could touch my clit…so there’s that.

Anyways, a few months back when I realized I had feelings for Texas I deleted and blocked NerdBoy’s number. Last night I just really wanted someone to eat me out, and he was the closest thing to me. So I stumbled down the block and around the corner to his place, had to get into his back yard where I could throw rocks at his window until he answered.

When he finally let me in he took me up to his room and I wasted no time talking. I told him what I wanted and he obliged so I kissed him and shoved him onto his bed. He asked what I was doing if I wanted him to go down on me and I said I was going to sit on his face until I came enough to be satisfied.

He’d never had a woman sit on his face…this I know because A) he told me and B) instead of grabbing my thighs and holding on for dear mercy he kind of just kept them at his sides.

Now…since the last time I let him venture into my vagina orally, his skills have improved (thank god)…I really didn’t have to ride him too much, only when I got tired of being tongue fucked and wanted him to play with my clit a bit. That’s when I had to tighten my knees around his head, tell him to stick out his tongue and point it hard so I could position myself over him until I could get myself off. Then we kind of just sat there for a few when he said, “can I lick your pussy again?” My thigh were still shaking from earlier so I let him do his thing…

One thing I’ve realized is that even though I don’t care to receive oral, and I’ve had a bad experience with a guy who comped down on my button like it was a piece of hubba bubba, I actually really enjoy some moderate biting there.

I have an extremely hooded clit and he just got his tongue right up in there and made my body explode. It was good. Kudos to him for practicing. He was still awkward as fuck, but he did the job…I was drunk, lonely and pissed when I got there and left with a stupid, albeit extremely temporary, smile on my face.

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