Compliments and kisses

So last night, I promised my friends I’d take it easy…no heavy drinking or partying…which was easy until about midnight when I got home from a friends house. I was invited to my neighbors house party earlier and originally declined but decided to venture over there anyways.

He and I had hooked up in the past a few times and truth he told he was an average lay. But last night because I was feeling kind of down and lame I wanted some attention from the male species….there’s going to come a time in the near future where I may not be as attractive as I am now and mentally I feel the need to capitalize on it while I can.

I started talking to this guy named Little Feather (really), and he was exactly what I needed in that moment. Full of compliments for me, which of course boosted my ego. We’re sitting in the living room with probably 25 other people around but all I could focus on was his lips. They looked like two soft pillows that could bring me great pleasure.

I really wasn’t looking for anything more than a make out session…because deep down I’m a horny school girl who likes to be a cock-tease…

Little Feather is an amazing kisser. Not just in the sense that his face-pillows were luscious as fuck, but his hands were all over me. Spanking me, pulling my hair, cupping my face, grabbing my breasts. He stuck his hands down the back of my pants and was massaging my ass which I actually really enjoy but usually post-fucking.

I haven’t made out like that since high school. I don’t know how long we went at it but when I finally had enough (beard burn) we got a round of applause.

God I really love making out.

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