I fucked a ninja once

Halloween a couple years ago I decided to go as Ke$ha…because whiskey. I’m at a house party and was on the prowl…again, I was fresh out of a relationship and wanted to get over that by getting under someone new.

I start chatting with a guy dressed as a ninja…all black, including an opaque black face mask. In my drunken state I had no idea who it was. So by the end of the night, people were leaving and it it was just the homeowners, myself, the ninja and my best guy friend left. I still had no clue who ninja really was because by the end of the night I finished my bottle of Jack and lost 3 consecutive rounds of beer pong.

The homeowners and my buddy go to bed in rooms leaving ninja and I alone in the living room. I don’t remember exactly how things happened, but I remember saying, “I’ll show you mine of you show me yours”…because I’m 12.

I remember thinking his dick was pretty. He was shaved and it just looked pretty…like a fresh dildo. I start to suck him off because I’m not a girl to waste a pretty dick and before long I’m bent over the side of a couch getting fucked by a ninja. He was rough too. Just fucking mean…really into calling me his dirty slut and telling me what a skank i was to fuck a guy I didn’t know and that I was just a cum dumpster for him. Fuck, that turns me on though. He grabbed a fistful if my hair (which was laden with booze, glitter, Semen (long story) and hair gel) and yanked my head back so hard he could’ve given me whiplash. He told me he was going to titty fuck me and cum on my face…YES.PLEASE!

It wasn’t until I was licking his cum off my fingers, that he took his mask on…he should’ve kept it in. I was disappoint.

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