The time I hooked up at work

Office romances rarely work out. But I had met this guy at my job and my vagina went into hyperdrive. Immediately we started hanging out…then making out in his office.

Let’s call him John.

John was probably the best kisser I’ve ever had. He knew just how to alternate between sweet, soft kisses and wildly passionate ones. And the way he worked my mouth was the same way he worked my tits and clit. Holy fuck.

One particular night at work, after everyone left, John and I were getting steamy in his office until his pager went off alerting him something was wrong elsewhere in the building…so naturally we both went to check it out. Once we figured out that nothing was wrong we resumed our activities…

This led to me dropping to my knees and whipping his dick out behind the desk in the office we were in. He told me he never really liked receiving oral (what is it with men?) but was game if I wanted to do it.

SIDENOTE: I absolutely love everything about giving head. The feeling of a hard cock in my mouth turns me on more than spanking. I love the taste of cum…it’s to the point that the guy now calls me a “cum slut” and don’t even get me started about that moment just before a man cums when his body tenses up and he loses control of his body. Ugh. So hot.

Anyways. John had one of those dicks that was extremely curved. Upwards and to the right. It was pretty average other than the fact that it kind of reminded me of an elephant trunk when they’re making that house they make (you know the one.)

John was already a really giving person…but man was he just the sweetest head recipient ever…he gave me a temple and ear massage while I was gurgling his cock. It was weird.

So as he’s cumming, we hear a knock on the door. The overnight guy was there to relive him (as if I wasn’t enough lol) and his pants are around his knees and I’m frantically trying to swallow his load, make sure he didn’t accidentally cum on me anywhere else and put my tits back in my shirt.
We got caught. Know how we got caught? We forgot the door to the office had one of those long skinny windows…Mmhmmm….dude saw pretty much everything. I’ve done plenty of walks of shame, but I’ll tell you the most awkward one was having to slide past the overnight guy as I’m wiping the corners of my mouth.

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