The First Time

Okay not my “first” time…that was too many years ago.  But my first time with him.  The man who was a catalyst for this blog.

We met online and decided after about a month to meet up.  We went to a bar, had a few drinks and then went to a show.  Pretty casual date.  We already knew we had an instant connection based off of the hundreds of hours we would spend talking and getting to know each other.  I personally had never, ever felt as connected to someone right off the bat as him.

So back to that first night.  We were both late.  I actually was convinced he was going to stand me up.  But he showed up and it was an instant feeling of chemistry.  It kind of felt like we had been friends for years….

The original plan was to meet up and me go back to his place at the end of the night…but being a female in a big city I decided to get a hotel and not tell him…What can I say, I needed an exit plan in case he turned out to be psycho.  He wasn’t and by the end of the show we were both beyond drunk and in my mind, I wanted him.  Bad.  I brought up the hotel and told him and he.was.offended.  Like could not BELIEVE I had the audacity to book a hotel.  Once he quit being a bitch about it we got back up to the room and the race was on.

It wasn’t a race.  It wasn’t anything close to a race.  For once in my sexual life I was with a man who saw my pleasure as the goal.  Seriously, I’ve been with some jerks.

Because of my personal taste in sex (the rougher the better) he knew what I was into.  And I lucked out with him…I’m a masochist, he’s a sadist.  Match made in heaven this time.  And he was balls to the wall about sex.  I was riding the crimson tide hard that night and he was down for everything…oral, anal, vaginal…he did it all.  It was mind-blowing.

Now, I’m not a person to enjoy receiving oral…but this man knew exactly where to put his tongue and what to do with his fingers.  he was all over me and it was incredible.  And without even knowing where my sweet spots were or what positions got me off the quickest he automatically knew what to do.  He was paying attention to my reactions to his various touches.  I love being “prone-boned”…with my arms and legs restrained by his body as he rides me from behind.  That drives me wild. Hair pulling…hard…drives me wild.  He damn near gave me whiplash with his hair pulling.  But spanking…spanking is my fail safe if I’m not turned on.  I like to walk away from sex with bruises on my ass…I want to remember it for days afterwards…needless to say his hand was imprinted on my left cheek.  Days after our encounter, every time I sat down it was an erotic reminder of him.

What I didn’t realize was that he’s a biter. It makes sense…sex with him is very primal and savage.   I could feel his teeth on my back, sending waves of pain throughout my body as he’s riding me like a show pony and that only turned me on more.  And made me come harder.  The next day I happened to go dress shopping with a friend and one particular dress I tried on was a spaghetti strap with a drop back on it.  When she saw his teeth marks she screamed in the store dressing room.  It took over a week for all of them to fade.

I would say I was hooked after that first time, but it was like another 5 months until we could line our schedules up to meet up again…

What I can say about that first night is that it was just a taste of what was to come…over and over again.

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